Orthodox track racer

The new LOOK introduced the other day. This 464p is a model released for young competitors who are going to be training and top riders from LOOK, which has achieved numerous achievements. https://brotures.com/blogs/store-blog/131109 Look al 464p Frame Set ¥ 98,000- (+Tax) I am worried that it is a very small frame in Japan. I tried to assemble it! Since it is an orthodox track racer from the root, it is custom and assembled with rabbits for speed!
TNI Road 38 RIM x BROPHIL CLASSIC HUB Custom Wheel The treasured child is a treasured child on the wheel! Light, well turned, and good durability. Because it is one without a ski, it is a super -recommendation on the speed mad!
Vision Track Crank Set W/BB VISION's direct crank for the undercarriage. It is a high rigidity crank that adopts a 30mm spindle with a truck crank as soon as possible. Since it is a well -run frame, please upgrade the drive train and step on it! Other parts are selected mainly on DEDA, which is light and rigid. The frame itself is not so light, but this is about 6.6 kg. The brake hole before and after is also available, so it's perfect. This time, I did all -you -can -do custom, but 464p can be assembled from around ¥ 200,000. Because it is a completely ordered model, it may be a chance now! Please feel free to contact us for quotes and consultations! TOSHI
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