Only in the Kichijoji store. NJS custom.

Kichijoji store that handles the old parts of BROTURES. There are many cranks and handles, but the "NJS frame" is the same. Unlike aeroflames like Leaderbikes, it is a thin and classical frame. "NJS" is an abbreviation of the Japan Bicycle Promotion Association, and the NJS frame is a frame used in bicycle racing. The durability and accuracy are good because the players are using it. Since it is rarely obtained because it is new, it is a frame that can only be obtained because it is a Kichijoji store that handles USED. This time, we will introduce a custom bike using the NJS frame.

Presto Custom Bike ¥ 159,000 (+tax) Presto Frame Set ¥ 59,400 (+tax)

Use a promenade bar to secure the best position for city riding. It would be great if you put a rack on this. Completion of holiday accompanying ◎ "BROOKS" is set on the saddle that tastes as it is used according to the NJS frame of a lifetime if you take care of it. The front wheel used a custom wheel using SUZUE's Promax, which has been certified by NJS. This hub turns really well and the hologram is beautiful. Coloring that is one of the real pleasure of NJS frames. Because each frame is different, it feels fateful to come across your favorite coloring. If you are surprised at this frame, you should get it! ! There are various things, from the Kichijoji store where some interesting things arrive, asleep and timely things. Please come to the store ◎ There may be a good encounter! Then. "Bike to Work" Have you checked it already? Don't forget those who haven't yet !!
And the customers who have ordered now are presenting Brotures Mini Decal & "B Sticker" from Kichijoji store!
Please be assured that distant customers will be bundled with the product!!
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