Adult Kagero with silver parts. Tyrant Bi...

This time, I customized Kagero. I ignored carbon parts and hardened with silver parts! Tyrant Bikes Kagero Framese ¥ 120,000 ( + Tax)
Wheels are rare for aluminum, which is rare. Ultra lightweight at the front 20h, rear 24h. Velocity QUIL X DT Swiss F/¥ 34,300- (+tax)/R/¥ 37,100- (+tax)
The handle and stem are also silver! Nitto for Shred Bar ¥ 7,400- (+Tax)
Thomson X4 STEM ¥ 11,000- (+Tax)
The place to suppress is suppressed, the wheels are stepped on with aluminum, lightweight, and roughly handled. I like it quite a bit. How about switching this spring? The frame set can also be settled in installments, so I will put it for reference only!
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