"Kichijoji" Staff Bike Check.

Hello, this is TAIGA. Today, I'm going to do STAFF BIKE CHECK as the title suggests.
Currently, I'm riding an American handmade "Low Bicycle"Pashute frame of". It is this frame that I finished 600km on Osaka Ride the other day, and I am riding the most among multiple rides. It's sticky with stickers and your favorite stickers, but the stickers are also part of the custom, so you'll be able to feel like that. I often choose a sturdy part when customizing because I ride it every day because I ride it every day. Let's look at the specification table immediately.
Frame: Low Bicycle Pursuit Head parts:Cris King NoshReadset ™ 1-1/8 "OS Handle: NS BIKES EVIDENCE LIGHT BAR Stem:Thomson X2 10 ° 90mm Saddle: SELLE SANMARCO ZONCOLAN Seat post: Brooklyn Machine Works 27.2mm crank:SRAM OMNIUM BB:PHILWOOD OUTBOARD BB Chain Ring: Aarn Winter Camo 49T Wheel: Velocity Deep-V × Formula 32H
Next, let's look closely around the handle.
The head parts are set with Chris King. It is a manufacturer that is so famous that it is a "head king". It's very sturdy and you can use it for a lifetime if you maintain it well. I think I will continue to use it forever because it does not break. The stem is safe. Isn't there a manufacturer that appears on the right with accuracy and good cospa? X2 is designed to clamp the handle with two bolts. It is normal that the fixing force will be reduced, but the X2 is not at all even if you get on it. If you get lost in the stem, you can use this.
Next is the drive line. The crank uses Omnium and the chain ring is Aarn. After all it is sturdy! I don't feel broken. BB uses PhilWood so it turns around slimy ◎ Aarn was a very small number of production, but now it's relatively easy to get! It is one of my favorite parts because it is safe and cool. Finally wheel.
Combination of Verocity and Formula. In fact, this wheel is a thing that I got the other day in Osaka. Verocity is also available at Kichijoji store, so please feel free to contact us !! Deep-V with a rare concrete pattern now.
I like this kind of playfulness ◎ Because it is a hard rim, it is okay to overuse it with skids and tricks ◎ The hub formula is not a durable hub, but the color is good! That's why it is important! It was rough, but this is the end. Unlike custom bikes using luxury parts, it is relatively inexpensive and can be obtained, Rotating parts such as heads and BB use things from reliable manufacturers. There are good maintenance and it is comfortable. A motorcycle packed with your favorite parts. When you go to work, you put it in front of the store, so if you have a chance, please ride it ◎ I hope it can be a custom hint. Then. "Bike to Work" Have you checked it already? Don't forget those who haven't yet !!
And the customers who have ordered now are presenting Brotures Mini Decal & "B Sticker" from Kichijoji store!
Please be assured that distant customers will be bundled with the product!!
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