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good evening!!! Today is"The other day's blog"Was featured in The custom vehicle of the product has been assembled earlier. There is a sense of luxury and it seems to be careful about riding It is a bicycle, but there is no doubt that it is cool and performance It's a custom bike, so please see it to the end !!! So "Go to the next one"Was featured in Introduced from the parts of the cool custom completed car. First of all, from Fizi: K's product !!! The saddle is

Fizi: K tundra M3 kium bk Skull ¥ 16,480- (+tax)

As I saw, the design is too bad and it's dangerous !!! Not just design. High performance and comfort with full -fledged racing saddles And a saddle with the best balance of weight. Flat, wide nose and thick bat By receiving weight in a large area, it distributes a sense of oppression and prevents numbness. Popular saddles that have both design and performance !!!

Early thing wins!!!

The seat post has recently arrived

Fizi: K Cyrano R1 CARBON SEATPOST ¥ 18,580- (+Tax)

Not only usability, but Outstanding performance Surely seat post !!! The position of the saddle height is also easy to understand and convenient. Can prevent mud from entering Silicon color is also included. Also, thin the thickness of the tube tip. By cutting diagonally, it has been reduced. Please look at this seat post once and check the real thing. Simple, elegant, this performance, There is no doubt that you will want to get it !!! The seat post

Fizi: K Cyrano R1 Stem 90mm 7 ° ¥ 11,920 - (+Tax)

The material uses 7000s aluminum !!!

It is very light because the bolt is luxuriously adopted.

Also, since the scale is engraved on the handle

Because it has the ease and accuracy of the handle setting,

The ease of use is also good !!!

Simple design and performance with performance !!!

I also use Bansei -kun of BROTURES OSAKA.

It's worth coming to the store and checking it !!

Fizi: K parts are here !!!!!

Next is crank !!

Trump pattern design and high quality are the secrets of popularity

Paul USA Crank ¥ 31,000- (+Tax)


Designed to narrow the between seat stays and chain rings.

The material of the chain ring is 7000 aluminum,

The crank arm is called aluminum 2024

It is a material specialized in strength and perfection when polished.

Both the crank arm and the chain ring are cut out aluminum,

Products that have a long -standing craftsman !!!

Those who are particular about fashionable and want to customize fashionably,

There is only this crank.

And the chain used this time is used by the Osaka store manager "763".

Use KMC Z710 SL !!!!

It is no exaggeration to say that it is a good taste.

Lightness, appearance, coloring, everything is true.

For the handle

ENVE ROAD BAR Compact ¥ 40,000 (+Tax)

Lightness (205g) and this handle that realizes a comfortable position There is no complaint as well as the appearance of the appearance. It's a reasonable price, but it's worth it I think you can understand it if you use it. Lightening the front part can lead to a comfortable ride, It is important to stick to the weight !!! There is no doubt that it is the ultimate handle. Also front wheels

Smart Enve System RIM ¥ 108,000- (+Tax)

To create a strong rim with a light weight The success was this "ENVE" rim !!!! You can feel safe even if you put a strong burden

Because the front rim is wide and the rim is shallow

Reduces air resistance and can run stably in any air condition.

By adopting the carbon material on the brake surface as a unique weave,

The brake control is increased, and there is no worry about conditions such as rain.

It's not a complete group

A type that can be combined with spokes and hubs !!!

The hardness of the spoke can be set high, so it is possible to build a sturdy wheel.

In terms of performance, wheels with strength, endurance and lightweight balance !!!

It's not reasonable, but it's definitely worth buying at this price.

Then I have been waiting for you !!!

It is a custom completed car ↓ ↓ ↓ ¥ 460,000- (pedal, no strap)
How about that?? It became a cool custom bike that could not be licked. If you run on such a terrible bicycle, you will definitely be treated as a hero !!! Even if the price is high If you want to be cool and cool, please come to customize. Brotures OSAKA has a loan payment method called JACCS. Even if you say "I don't have hundreds of thousands of money" on the spot, it's okay! Example) Payment calculation for one and a half years.
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If you don't understand Please contact the staff. We are waiting for you tomorrow at BROTURES OSAKA !! U-KI.
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