NEO TOKYO Finally in stock

The frames of DOSNOVENTA 2019 who have finally entered Japan at the moment. The new model announced this time is their flagship model"TOKYO"and Closed the place of the birth of the brand"Barcelona"Two. This time, it has just arrived at the Kichijoji store"NEO TOKYO"Introducing custom bikes using
DOSNOVENTA NEO TOKYO 2019 Custom Bike/¥ 800,000+Tax
Frame: Dosnoventa NEO TOKYO Handle: FSA Stem: Thomson X2 Saddle: Fizik Arione Crank: SRAM OMNIUM BLACK BB: CHRISKING OUTBOARD BB Wheel: Hed.h3 (former model)
Installed the old model HED.H3, which has already been discontinued and has been out of print, and has risen year by year. Select SRAM OMNIUM for the undercarriage and Christ King for important bearings.
It matches the rugged image of NEO Tokyo. The 2019 model has improved the design and material, and is newly dressedNEO TOKYOIt was reborn.
The logo is reflected in seven colors by the adjustment of light.Multichrome® Is the first in the industry to adopt.
The handmade frame by the Italian skilled worker achieves optimal elasticity and compression performance at the same time. It has a riding comfort that sets it apart from the monocoque frame. One with an impressive gradation of gloss black and carbon pattern instead of the total pattern of the whole pattern up to the previous work.
Until the previous work"Tokyo"The logo on the back of the fork was also appliedRemarks the engraving of "Neo Tokyo"
A playful frame like DOSNOVENTA. I guess the fans of Otomo -sensei will be grinning casually in 2019. I don't think it's a cheap shopping. However, for those who are looking for one of the finest units that can be associated with, we Brotures is one of the best we want to recommend.
All stores on display are available, so if you live near you, please see the real one. I personally think that I want you to actually touch your hands and feel the soul of Dosnoventa, as well as the beauty of painting.
Everything seems to be ordered from all over the world, so this load is likely to be sold out immediately. Now you can prepare your desired size. Would you like to make the best one together? We look forward to your visit!! OUTLET mail order site has been opened !!
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