Five frames you want to replace this spring.

Spring is the season of encounter. Exciting items are coming here in BROTURES one after another. Especially, the frame may be a good harvest recently. I would like to introduce a personally recommended frame today because there are many options. First of all, these two from the freshly arrived dosen venture!
DOSNOVENTA NEO TOKOYO TOKYO, a full carbon frame, has a minor change in the flagship model of Dosnoventa. Naming Neo Tokyo in 2019. It's irresistible for Otomo fans. Multichrome®, which is reflected in seven colors due to the adjustment of light, is used for the first time in the industry. The handmade frame by the Italian skilled worker achieves optimal elasticity and compression performance at the same time. It has a riding comfort that sets it apart from the monocoque frame.
DOSNOVENTA BARCELONA "ICE COLD" Barcelona, ​​the only rug frame in Dosnoventa's first model. The 2019 model, which was the first minor change, was a style reminiscent of NJS, but for coloring, Ice Effect®, a new paint technology. The place that does not fit in a tribute is a DOSNOVENTA -like one. Of course it is an Italian handmade. It is ant to enjoy the gap with a classical custom, or enjoy the gap with carbon parts. The LOOK frame that started handling in BROTURES is now the aim.
LOOK 464P This model has been released for young competitors who are training and top rider from Look, which have left many achievements. Although it is a famous brand, there are few distribution of truck frames in Japan and are quite valuable. The rear end comes with a chain tensioner internal organs, the front fork also comes with a full carbon, and a lightweight seat clamp. In the grade, it is the bottom model, but the details are also polite. It is a finish that makes you want to growl. Don't forget the existence of this street masterpiece frame.
Tyrant Bikes Kagero Kagero newly released from Tyrant Bikes. This cool look with an ultra -light finish with a frame weight of 1.6 kg. The 7046 aluminum used in Kagero has a characteristic of nearly twice the strength and a less than 20 % lightness compared to the 7000s aluminum material, which is the most popular 7005. For that reason, 7046 is more often compared to carbon material than aluminum, which is closer to carbon than aluminum. The response of the rowing is also super quick, and the sense of growing to the top speed in no time is addictive. As usual, strong Italian brands are also indispensable.
CINELLI VIGORELLI STEEL 2019 This VIGORELLI STEEL is a combination of steel frame and full carbon fork. You can enjoy a direct riding comfort with rigidity peculiar to the fixie bike, while there is a stickiness unique to steel. To find a stable cornering with criteriums in the city with many steep curves, the fork offset is set to 45mm. It has more stable track bikes and has a sharp handling characteristics required for criterium. According to the words of Vice President Fabrizio Agito, the vice president's single -speed bike is located in the position of "mother" and "origin", from the words of the vice president Fabrizio Agito. Spain, France, the United States, Italy. The frame introduced today alone is very varied. In addition to this, parts are lined up from frames and frames. You will surely find one you want, so please feel free to contact us. TOSHI
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