How about the SHRED88 that was a bit stic...

To be honest, today's custom is often seen on blogs. 。 。 At first glance, it is Down Town Drop in the usual SHRED88.
Actually, the hub is really good! BROTURES SHRED88 × MACK SUPERLIGHT HUB \ 87,800-
It is a superlight model of the brand "Machub" that is rarely seen in Japan. I had the BROTURES logo put in. It is a really valuable one. For details, check it out because Fujimoto is a blog. I'm getting better. 。 。 !
By the way, the body this time is 735. Leader Bieks735TR Custom ¥ 185,000- (+Tax)
So, only a little handle is custom. Leader Downtown Drop ¥ 8,000- (+Tax)
Many people are particular about track drops, and they are still popular. I'm a person who is a bar tape, but if you want to use a track drop, I think it's cooler without winding! This custom changed the handle and wheel! These two pointscentreLont wheel ¥ 8,000- ・ Handle ¥ 2,000-You can trade in! If you customize it, you can get it from the beginning! The total amount of custom¥ 270,800- (+tax) It looks like this if you pay in interest rate! I will put it for reference only!
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