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DOSNOVENTA's 2019 models and new soft goods are being released one after another, but the Barcelona I want to pay the most personally. It is their first model and the only rugged frame. The style reminiscent of Japanese bicycle racing is nostalgic with a new painting technology, a nostalgic and avant -garde finish.
I want to do such a tribute to this bicycle race since this frame arrived. This is because this rugged frame is painted. I couldn't help but feel the Japanese deepness. The coloring is "ICE COLD". If you touch it, the skin will stick to it, so it seems to cool down as much as it is. Kako Kako who leaves the thin ice grass However, in my image, the word "light ice" is the best. This word, the seasonal word of spring haiku, is reminiscent of the ephemeralness that quickly broke and melts, and that is why the beauty and the warmth of the day. Then I want to express the Japanese deepness. I thought about what I thought about. Maybe Dosnoventa doesn't think this. smile DOSNOVENTA BARCELONA Frame Set "ICE COLD" That said, it was not a bicycle race specification, but the key points were updated to the street specification. The wheels are clinchers, head parts are durable Cane Creek, and the saddle is brooks leather. One of the luxury using carbon parts is good, but I like this monozuki motorcycle. If you can consult with a vague image like this time, it will be shaped in the shape. Please take a look at Barcelona because the stock is also suspicious. TOSHI
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