Just before the season. It seems to ride ...

The fourth day of GW is a rainstart. On such a day, there are more stores than usual, so you can slowly consult about custom. Please drop in for effective use on rainy days ◎ About VIGORELLI released from the long -established manufacturer "CINelli" on today's blog I think it's Kako. VIGORELLI is famous for using Team Cinelli in a global piston race "Red Hook Crit" and is a frame sent to winners. Vigorelli, a long -selling long -selling since 2006, is a representative frame that can be said to be chineri. While ensuring sufficient stability due to the weak sloping design, the top tube has changed from the triangle to the circle from the front, so you can experience the direct comfort comfort. The fast thing tends to be peaky, but this frame has a strong impression that does not make it feel it. If you feel so stable so far, it will show outstanding performance even on city riding ◎ I want you to enjoy this comfort. 。 We will prepare it! ! VIGORELLI completed car!

Normally, it will be sold from ¥ 225,000-, but we will offer it at a special GW special price!

Let's look at it immediately.

CINELLI VIGORELLI BLACK NIGHT Normal completed car¥ 155,000 (+tax)

This VIGORELLI is equipped with a frame composed of chromoly with a full carbon fork as standard. You can run as a riser bar, or run a long distance as it is. If you get along for a long time, it will definitely be a frame ◎

CINELLI VIGORELLI ALU Normal completed car¥ 155,000 (+tax)

This is recommended for those who are Bunbun who want to run fast! ! The former is aluminum here for chromoly. The more you step on, the more you will be surprised ◎ VIGORELLI that is ¥ 105,000 (+tax) only for frame set. If you are aiming for it, this is the chance! Do not miss it. VIGORELLI introduced this time, each one is only one, so it is a completely first -come -first -served basis. It is a season in to open GW, so let's start at a great timing! We look forward to your inquiry. Then. Click here for GW limited topics!
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