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There are many delivery by normal completed car"721tr"Introducing a custom bike with a spot. It is 721TR, which is also used for daily commuting, but as the 735TR is a design that is packed with top tubes, it is easy for the upper body to get up rather than bending forward, so in that sense one recommended one. Yes. In the Leader model, it is an excellent model as a custom -based body, although it tends to hide in the shadow of 735TR. This time, I used a 60mm height carbon wheel from the newly arrived Shred series. Leaderbikes 721TR GLoss White Custom
¥ 205,000+tax Normal completed car/¥ 100,000+tax Handle: Leader Uptown Handle Crank: Leader Corsa Crank F Wheel: Brotures SHRED60 CARBON WHEEL R Wheel: Brotures SHRED60 CARBON WHEEL The handle has been changed from a genuine road drop to a riser handle.
For a custom that is easy to use for waiting and everyday play. This custom is as shown in the specification table, but just customizing the front and rear wheels will change considerably.
Leaving the custom part after you start riding is also a trick to keep up with you. This custom bikeFree interest rateIt is a model to be a motorcycle loan. The conditions are only 6 to 12 times. The temperature has risen, and it's the season of Chari. BROTURES Kichijoji has a wide selection of new cars, outlet bikes and used cars. Please feel free to contact us because there is also an immediate delivery car at the store !! Then we are waiting at the store !! ↓ Click here for inquiries ↓
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