TOKYO is noisy, but don't forget Los Ange...

Losangeles is actually restocked while the world is buzzing with the release of TOKYO. I tried to put the topic T5. ・ DOSNOVENTA LOS ANGELES COMPLETE BIKES ¥ 249,000- (+Tax) DOSNOVENTA LOS ANGELES "Venice Beach" Complete Bike Dosnoventa Los Angeles "Santa Monica" Complete Bike ・ Frame Set ¥ 149,000- (Tax) DOSNOVENTA LOS Angeles "Venice Beach" Frame Set DOSNOVENTA LOS Angeles "Santa Monica" Frame Set
The T5 with a silhouette with no volume suits any frame. BROTURES T5 ¥ 105,000 (+tax)
The front wheels are easy to understand, and the rear is tight. You can do skids and lightweight. It is a slightly good model of the classic AT-25. It's neither black nor polish, but it's a gray with transparent aluminum. H Plus Son AT-25 HLH X DT Swiss Track Hub ¥ 28,100- (+Tax)
Other parts use complete parts! It was DOSNOVNETA TOKYO, but it was almost sold out with the arrival. That's why we are currently accepting pre -orders for the next arrival! For more informationFrom here" The total amount of this custom¥ 382,100- (+tax)is. Finally, I will put an installment payment simulation! Please consider it for reference!
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