Let me get sick before the relocation.

It's been another week for the year and early. BROTURES YOKOHAMA is fluttering every day because it is a sale and stock for the relocation. (I have to decide the relocation early ...) It is around this time that this year's long GW is over and the customer visits the store a little. We are promoting the work that takes a lot of time to see this skiing. I worked overhaul today, so please introduce it. Overhaul is simply like a bicycle human dock. All parts are broken, washed to check wear and deterioration, grease, coat, and correctly assemble. Maybe it's the best work, and it's my favorite work.
This time, I brought Surly's Steamroller. Steel frames like steam rollers are vulnerable to rust. If you do not perform appropriate processing when assembling, it can also be a factor in shortening the life of the bicycle.
First, make the frame naked and wash it excitingly.
Sun dried from from.
Coat the outside and inside of the frame so that it does not rust, or prepare for the accuracy of the frame.
At this point, the frame is already different. Frieza or Christ has revived. In fact, this kind of inconspicuous processing before assembling a bicycle is more important. At last, we will assemble parts, but it is recommended that the deteriorated parts will be replaced on this occasion. I don't know the wage. There are many people who customize the handle due to a change.
Use the usable parts as they are, and replace what you need. With such a work, I feel that good parts can be used all the time. Personally, I want you to stick to parts that are easy to maintain and are difficult to maintain, such as hubs, BBs, and head parts.
Completed like this! The ride should be better than it looks! We will relocate at the end of May, so we will not touch the customers' motorcycles for a short time preparing for the opening of the new store. Please request from a small maintenance to the time -consuming work like this time. The parts are just 10 to 39%off if the parts are in stock. Please customize the parts you can feel when the overhaul is overhauled. Please by all means as soon as possible. TOSHI
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