I want to ride an aluminum frame, but I'm worried about the chromoly frame. The perfect frame for such greedy peopleKORY YORK "K2" The frame is aluminum, the fork is chromoly and hybrid gem, the riding itself is aluminum and hard. Shock absorption is a two -bird frame that can be enjoyed with chromoly and mix. Today, I tried to use such a greedy frame to make one of silver. KORY YORK K2 Frame Set ¥ 150,000- (+Tax)
The first thing you want to pay attention to is the wheel. Wheels that are made to order both front and back Assembled with PHILWOOD and HPLUSSON arch type so that you can withstand hard riding Setting.
PHILWOOD × HPLUSSON Front ¥ 51,800- (+Tax) Rear ¥ 67,800- (+tax) * Rear only SAPIM By the way, the rear wheel, which is the best load, has a lightness and rigidity. It adopts "SAPIM CX-RAY" and is strong even with skids.
SUGINO 75 Crank Set Silver ¥ 31,000- (+Tax) SUGINO ZEN 50T ¥ 19,500- (+Tax) Next is the crank, but Japan's world -class brand SUGINO75 crank The BROTURES staff usage is high, and it has passed through the bicycle racing screening standard (NJS). Strength is endorsed! The rowing feeling is also hard, and it will carry it in front of you. I also recommend this crank if there are any customers who are lost in the crank custom!
In addition, I chose a long -established Japanese brand "NITTO" for the steering wheel and stem, and summarized it in a classical feel! Although it is a trendy riser bar, it is easy to do tricks such as skids because the handle width is wide. It is easy to use! The grip is also equipped with a royal road VANS x CLUT grip. One of the ways to enjoy a riser bar is that you can play playfulness.
BROOKS SWALLOW ¥ 24,600- (+Tax) And the saddle is customized with Brooks "Swallow" to create classics with leather. Actually, this saddle, leather is hard at first, but as you are riding, it gets used to your own habit. Once you start using it, it will be a long relationship. I replace the frame in the customers and change the parts, etc. Many saddles continue to use BROOKS! You can make your own one from scratch, or just replace the frame. Why don't you ride a chromoly and aluminum hybrid? If you are considering only one K2 stock, please contact us as soon as possible! This body can be used as a bike loan as others, and you can use a loan by mail order. For detailed contents of bike loans→ Last time blog ←Please confirm. All the staff are waiting at any time! ! ◼︎Brotures Harajuku ◼︎ Click here for inventory status/order phone call Click here to call the store Click here for email Kiyo
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