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It's finally over, GW. People who have 10 consecutive holidays seem to be sluggish to work. We have the aftermath of the car body set and wheels we ordered during the consecutive holidays, and it feels a little more fluttering. When you are calm, I'm thinking of doing day rides and night glue pride again, so please leave it on weekends. The introduction is todaySpecial specification F RIM F-55A wheel that was assembled in. F-55 × RAKETA
First of all, the glance is a normal F-55. However, this rim has been changed a little as a normal model.
Can you understand in this image? Usually, F RIM is the clincher specification, but this F RIM isTubular specification。 This wheel is completely finished on the runner wheel. By using a clincher specification to a tubular specificationLight weight of about 100g of rim(Rim actual measurement weight 390g), Despite being 55mm hard, it is almost the same weight as the F-35 35mm high rim.
The hub is a color hub of RAKETA. After all it is good to have a color hub. It's on a cool wheel to me. The spoke is not only a click by using SAPIM CX-Ray, but also has a lightweight finish. This wheel is the rear wheel,The total weight is 700gStupid。 This weight is quite good despite the 55mm deep rim. In addition, the front is assembled with this rim and hub, but the front is definitely the first half of the 600g. The F RIM has two types of rim hats, 35mm and 55mm, and the standard model is a clincher specification with the number of holes of 20H and 24h. However, it is a tubular specification like this time, and it is also a rim that can be consulted about the number of halls. Please consult if you are worried. You can create a special specification rim like the introduction this time.
Fujimoto's horse racing prediction The previous result. Losing It's rough. The popular horses did not grow. I don't know what to decide. This week's raceTokyo 11R Victoria Mile (G1 Then here is the forecast ↓ ↓ ↓
This race is a really melee battle. I feel difficult. I'm a horse that likes Cantabile quite a bit, so I just want to buy it in the meaning of liking it more than my ability. I don't know the others. Fuji BROTURES OSAKA 1-19-22 Minamihorie, Nishi-ku, Osaka 06-4391-3313 osaka@brotures.com
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