Tyrant Bikes Kegero x Zipp 404 FirecRest Tu

I customized the ultra -light frame Kagero with the ultra -lightweight wheel ZIPP! ・ Tyrant Bikes Kagero Frame Set ¥ 120,000 (+Tax) ・ Complete ¥ 225,000- (+tax)

The ZIPP set this time is on sale! Since it is a product -made product, please buy it while there is. If it is gone, there will be no plan to arrive next time. ZIPP 404 FirecRest 333 Track Tu F/¥120,500- → ¥ 108,450- (+tax) R/¥144,100-→ ¥ 129,690- (+tax)
Thanks to ZIPP or Kagero, the weight in the photo is6.3kg !!! It is an unusual lightness. There is still room for lighterMaybe you can aim for the 5kg range. 。 。 ? I guess YUKI or 763 consultation of intense light magic remodeling is good. 。 。 ? We look forward to your consultation at any time. By the way, ZIPP can also be used with split loans. I will post it for reference ~
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