Sold out items can be purchased online !!

Two items that are flooded with inquiries at the same time as in stock I uploaded it to an online site before the stock disappeared!

First of all, here, the popular chain ring is in stock.

Raketa Aeroring ¥ 20,500

This is the most complex bicycle chain ring inspired by vintage rally cars and turbines design. It features CNC milling technology and the latest glossy black finish, and the design looks different from every angle. This chain ring, which imagines designs such as Aarn, will make your bike more prominent.

The image of the combination with the popular crank looks like this. Although it is a avant -garde design, it goes well with any shape crank and shows a unique expression. At the moment, only 49T of black has not been determined in the future. You can purchase aero chain ring, extremely small arrival, sell line size, and click.

Next is RVCA x Leader Bikes "Racing Jersey A collaboration item of "RVCA" and "Leader Bikes" will be released on May 11 (Sat)!

Racing Jersey "Crew Neck" ¥ 12,000

Racing Jersey "Pants" ¥ 11,000

[4-Way Performance Stretch] A functional rain jacket that uses high water resistance and moisture permeable and moisture permeable and moisture permeability. It is a comfortable comfort that fits the movement because it uses 4WAY stretch material with excellent elasticity. Recommended for those who value specifications in the festival outdoor rain scene.

[DWR Water Repellant Coating] It is used in combination with a waterproof and breathable fabric such as Gore -Tex, preventing the water outside the fabric from flooding.

The image wearing a setup looks like this. Since it is made in one size larger, please choose "S size" for "M size" usually. You can also purchase items that are perfect for the season of the rainy season. Do not miss it!!!

If you wish to mail order, please contact Brotures Online (Yokohama store) Please feel free to contact us. 045-413-7875

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