Pist bike starting from CINELLI!

Hello! How are you all on Sunday? The Harajuku store is open and relaxing, and now it is maintenance/custom! ! Of course, it's OK just to consult. By the way, here is one of today! !
CINELLI TIPO PISTA CUSTOM BIKE ¥ 118,000 ~ (+Tax) The entry model "tipo pista" appearing from CINELLI The frame with a top tube throwing is a versatile player who is widely used from racing to urban rides. Moreover, the finished vehicle weight is 7,8kg (MSIZE). Still, it is surprising that it can be purchased for about 100,000 yen. It is a perfect body for the first one.
This time, we have customized the popular color touch of gray.
BROTURES T4 Carbon WHEEL Front ¥ 95,000-/Rear ¥ 100,000- I put T4 with an original paint on white on the front wheel! ! It's a perfect color for the coming season. The four batons are rare, and it is very recommended for those who do not want to wear it. Paint to the wheels can be done from about ¥ 20,000-, so please try it.
CINELLI BULLHORN ¥ 15,000 (+tax) The handle is a bullhorn handle that you can bring for city riding. This handle is more like a handle because the handle is aero shape. It is easy to take positions, and it is hard to slip without winding the bar tape, so it is good for summer! !
One that is perfect for starting a piste bike. Please consider it! ! -Similation of installment payment (in the case of 12 divisions) -
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-It can be purchased by customers who cannot come to the store and those who are far away.

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