A stylish gift from New York from the dea...

USA is New York, It started when I personally liked shopping GodandfamousTransaction with. Kenny in charge is an Asian American and a friendly guy (although it is only contacted by email) At the end of the delivery note, everything is "Ride Safe !!" I write by hand. good person. Goodandfamous accessories and clothing "Fashionable, nifty, grinning"There are such items. Good vibes. It will help you dress up your car, but you can like your own pist. It is wonderful to make their own parts that runs down the fixes and roads.

Below are the introduction of the arrival items. The first
Of the 4 types, three types of new titanium top caps From the left Team (team) PhoneTic FAUX PAS HAM (ham) Four types. This character of Ham has never been seen somewhere. 。 。
Even the back side is very particular. I like this kind of place. Titanium top cap ¥ 2800-excluding tax

Next is Various bar tape, their good guys
The model and the name are as follows, FAUX PAS (Fopa) tape
This design together with the top cap,
Yes, don! Reflective (reflection). I just want to reflect.
Next, At first glance is a black tape
A logo that was debox for the surface processing that looks good on the grip. in Japan"Both unevenness are embossed"I feel like I'm calling Correctly"Deskwork is Deboos" for "convex embossing" is. Debossed AS-1 (Debos AS-1) Tape
A model that black on black is addicted to any body. Repeat (repeat) tape Even this is filled with a brand logo. I use repeat tape in my kagero now. It doesn't slip at all with bare hands.
This is also restocked,
TEAM (team) tape A white logo is included with a moderate accent, so it's black! Click here. Various bar tape ¥ 3800-excluding tax
This is a bar end.
Those who know their bar tape know. "Shoi". Plastic chachi guy. I know they are. That's why I made it. A good guy. From the left Team Black (Team Black) SuperScript Team (team) Three types. Of course I want you to match them with their tape, Of course, it is OK even if you combine it with another brand tape. Various bar ends ¥ 1150-excluding tax
It is the end!
A sports drink design I've seen somewhere. I liked and drank during the club activities. The drinking mouth is wide and Gaba! You can drink it. Occasionally on my face. Yes, ◯ tataded. From now on, I want a water bottle. If you choose, use the guys with a good job. G Bottle (Gebottle) ¥ 1800-Except for tax

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