There is no doubt !! "725TR" CompLete Bik...

tonight!! The rain has been terrible for the last two days due to the typhoon. It looks like it will be fine again from tomorrow, so At last, many people are excited to be able to ride a bicycle ?? Colds are easy to catch due to changes in temperature, As it is popular, please manage your physical condition firmly !! Today I will introduce the "725TR" completed car. Leader Bike "725TR" is a down tube from "735TR" It is thin. Because it is made with a design adapted to the street rafride, it has excellent endurance !!! Because the 6061 aluminum (aluminum that is most suitable for bicycles) is used It has ideal suppleness and is comfortable to ride. Unlike the thick frame (735TR), the subtle thickness enhances the fashion! It is a compilete bike that can be recommended for those who want to ride simple and cool.
DEDA's seat post, stem, handle Sugino crank, Selle Italia saddle The parts that are attached are too enough for CompLete Bike. DEDA Is often customized in Tour de France and overseas exhibitions. Sugino Is an excellent crank with NJS standard, Selle ItaliaAs a major Italian saddle maker Selle San MarcoThe brand that lined up on the shoulder !!! It is popular because these parts are in Comprete Bike. Also, people who bought CompLete Bike and said, "I'm still not convinced." I think some people think every time they buy and ride. I'm not convinced of COMPLETE BIKE, but do dondon custom It's fun to make a custom bike that suits you Every time the joy of getting better and the sense of accomplishment is boiled and custom I also want to ride a bicycle. A completed car on yesterday's blog"Custom a little custom"are doing Bicycles are also introduced, so please see it !! If you are thinking about custom, please feel free to consult the staff. I will choose the parts that suit the customer, and we will associate with them until they are satisfied. thank you. ¥ 140,000 - (+tax)
The price is such an excellent part Because it is this price, there is no doubt that it will be a great feeling. We are waiting for you tomorrow at BROTURES OSAKA. U-KI.
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