What a good and complete wheels are also ...

Is it a Kansai dialect? I'm sorry for reading this blog outside the Kansai area, Please understand the atmosphere somehow lol Yes, let's talk back. Speaking of the Osaka store, it is a hand -assembled wheel. "If you are particular, your hand assembly" I wrote a blog like that, but I have a dedicated hub for that rim, honest,Complete group wheels are excellent.There are many things. Classic model from high spec. We have a variety of whites such as products made to order, so we will introduce them.
BROTURES SHRED88 CARBON WHEEL F/¥ 55,000-/r/¥ 59,000- (+tax)
It looks like this when worn. The classic THE. It is a combination. The rear tends to be scarce. 。 。
Brotures T3 Carbone Wheel ¥ 90,000- (+tax)
BROTURES T4 Carbon WHEEL ¥ 95,000- (+Tax)
BROTURES T5 Carbone Wheel ¥ 105,000 (+Tax)

Up to this point, BROTURES original. So, from here, I will introduce the famous brand's complete wheels. First of all, this brand that often appears in BROTURES. Jet6 Plus Black f/¥135,000-・R/¥ 150,000 (+tax)
Speaking of HED trucksSonic hub. Truck -only design. The flange is removed in this volume shell. The rotation performance is also outstanding.
Well, it will be cool. I don't mean anything anymore.
ZIPP 404 FirecRest 333 Track Tu F/¥ 120,500- ・ R/¥ 144,100- (+tax)
The rest is this. Both HED and ZIPP will be made to order, so basically after ordering You will have a lot of time. I waited for half a year for this ZIPP. 。 。Of course, the hub is dedicated. Speaking of featuresDimple processingis. On the same principle as golf balls, I dare to cause a lot of small turbulence, We have succeeded by reducing air resistance to the limit. Since it is a ZIPP patent technology, other brands cannot be imitated.
In some cases, the aerodynamics are too good to use the cycle jersey in a professional race and the aerodynamics are too good to use it. 。 。 smile After that, the feeling of turning when driving. It is the privilege of ZIPP.
The introduction of the complete wheels ends around here.
After all,"Hands are better? No, it's perfect." To be honest, it's not good or bad, but there are many ways to choose how to ride, how much budget is. I want you to wear a wheel that suits your needs. Please contact us anytime if it is good or bad. At the Osaka storeFujimoto of wheel geeksThere is also 763 with wheels and knowledgeorIf it's a running system, you (YUKI) I want to trick! In such a case, Ayum is detailed. It corresponds to all genres. Well, it's Fujimoto. 。 。 smile Basically, I don't think there is a genre that can't be answered, so please come to consult first! Just askfreeThat's right. smile We look forward to your consultation! Yuki BROTURES OSAKA 1-19-22 Minamihorie, Nishi-ku, Osaka 06-4391-3313 osaka@brotures.com
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