An unusual frame has entered!

The other day, a rare body has arrived, so I will introduce it!

USED/BOMBTRACK Script Custom ¥ 189,600 (+tax)

It is a brand of Keln, Germany, and offers a wide range of products, from truck frames to single speed, cyclocross, and gravel. There are many frames with beautiful designs, designed and beautiful design, so it is popular for customers who are thinking about replacing them ◎

Script arrived in USED this time. The material is a combination of 7075 aluminum and carbon fork. At present, the aluminum frame that is running early on the street is number 7075, right? It is a pipe that is often used for high -end frames. The material value is higher than the conventional aluminum pipe, but it has more lightness and hardness. A carbon fork that aims to reduce the weight of the frame and the handling area from becoming a peaky. yes! This is a well -balanced honor student frame ◎ The coloring that is hard to see is also attracted.

The custom point this time is the wheel. Please take a look.

HPLUSSON AT-25 × PHILWOOD WHITE LOWFRANGE F/¥ 41800 (+tax) R/¥ 47800 (+tax)

Oh cool. want. 。 This is a hand-assembled wheel that is also combined with a PHILWOOD color hub with only one set with an honor student "AT-25". This hub, which was thought to not be available anymore, was reprinted in a limited number! !

nostalgic. 。 At that time, it was no longer a haste. I think it will probably be a speed game this time, so please consider it as soon as possible! ! I don't have time to get lost!

Recently, hand group wheels are popular. When it comes to limited like this hub, you'll want to make it even more so with your hands. Customers who are considering hand -based wheels may be the aim of this wheel. I think it will fit any frame because it is a monotone ◎ Now, there is a real thing in the store, so please drop in.


The custom bike introduced today can be purchased on the mail order site !! Please contact Kichijoji store directly for payment or custom consultation by split.

OUTLET mail order site here !!

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