There are only three Osaka! ?

Good evening everyone. I'm sorry! I went to the sea the other day after taking a day off the weather is. 。 。 Especially the holidays have ended without sunburn. By the way, today I would like to introduce the carbon frame "EQNX" that Leader Bikes has issued. So, I will show you an EQNX in a cool feeling.
How is it? I put the whole in black and put colorful yellow on the front wheel. When shooting this bicycle "It's cool!" "Yabai!" And the city of Horie was quite favorable!
EQNX has a high degree of perfection of the frame anyway! The suppleness and riding comfort of the carbon frame are a gem that you can not understand unless you ride it. There is a ride that is not found in aluminum frames and chromoly frames. If you want to know the ride, you can test drive, so to the staff! ! The form is also very beautiful. Carbon pattern, aluminum and EQNX logo Everything is exquisite! Is it EQNX that is wrapped in luxury in all riding comfort and form? So I would like to introduce parts.
Wheel ¥ 67000 (+tax) It is extremely popular with customers who want to have an impact on wheels. What is used for the rimBLB notorious 90mm ¥ 54000 (+tax) Anyway, the color is beautiful! ! There are few brands that use fluorescent colors for the rim, and the only rim with this presence is BLB! This yellow has a very good compatibility with the bitter black of carbon. There is no doubt that it will be a mature one. This type of wheel is a hand -assembled type You can choose your favorite hub and finish it into an original wheel! If you are worried, please catch the staff.
DEDA PISTA ¥ 7700 (+tax) The royal road on the royal road of the pist drop handle that is used by many riders! The reasons why the riders do not stop are the functionality and form of the handle. And the price! The accuracy of the accuracy used for competition and the ease of holding the handle itself! It is a handle that perfectly holds two points that are indispensable for riding. The coolness is also one of the reasons for its popularity. This handle is 7700 yen! It is a handle that has one and does not hurt.
FIZIK CYRANO R1 CARBON SEATPOST ¥ 18580 (+Tax) It is a very popular seat post in the Osaka store! Among the carbon seat posts, I am a favorite gem! Why? 。 。 Many of the customers in Osaka are using "FIZIK saddles". That means "Saddle" and "seat post" are linked to the same brand! If you put it together with the same brand, you will have a sense of unity and the image of a bicycle will be organized. If you are interested, we are waiting at the store. So, today we delivered EQNX. Actually, in Osaka, there are still only three rare flames! ! I would definitely recommend it for those who are looking for the luxury of carbon and rarity. Then, it is a corner for the weather forecast.
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The weather seems to be collapsing. I think that there are many people who are returning home in Obon, so I will make a shaven that makes it clear. Bandai
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