A fun pisto life! ! ~ Standing Edition ~

Standing that can be said to be the first "small trick" to learn. Not only waiting for a traffic light, but also fun to compete with friends♪ If you want to master it, please see! !

It is a trick that keeps stopping on the spot without putting your feet on the fix.

It is one of the important tricks that are the basic tricks of fixes.

It's no exaggeration to say that if you can't do this, you won't be able to do other tricks.

If you can stand, you will be able to run at very low speed,

Waiting for a traffic lightstrapIt is a highly practical trick that can be used quite a bit on the city, so let's learn it!

By the time you can practice standing and get used to the handling of the piste,

It is recommended for beginners to practice from here because it will fit into your body.♪

As a trick
1, Cut the handle of the piste bike to the left or right
2, Keep the pedal horizontally.
3, Balance is a pedal. Move back and forth so that it does not move from the place.

3 is the most important. In terms of image, imagine an elementary school student who stops on the spot without a unicycle. The point is the weight of the pedal when the balance is about to collapse.

Yeah! ! !

Practice! ! ! !

First, decide which foot to be forward. It's OK for the one that is easy to do! ! !

Next, turn the handle in the direction in front of your feet. (Cut the handle to the right if your right foot is forward)

And importantly, when you lose balance, you will fall in the direction of turned off.

The point is to tilt the body.

If the body is tilted in the opposite direction with the handle turned, it will be difficult to correct only by pedal operation.

When the handle and foot position are determined, use the pedal to move back and forth and balance.

At this time, it is easy to step on the pedal and the swing tends to increase, but the point is to operate the pedal with a little stepping up and fine -tuned.

Control with the image of stepping on and raising the body when the balance is lost and falls down.

The sensation will change depending on how the chain is tension and the tightness of the toe clip, so please put out the setting that suits you!

Then do so! ! !

You are also a standing master


At the Osaka store, it is so large that you can do it indoors even on rainy days!

It seems that the weather will collapse this weekend, but Sonnanokan Cene! ! ! We are waiting for you! ! !

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