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Very sad fact. The precious cars that I got and I got will be stolen. What should I do? Let's think again. Recently, a post that rises frequently with sadness on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. A reality that can't be helped by anger alone.
I went out by bicycle to finish my business, and if I wanted to go home, there was no bicycle! ! How many people have experienced it. According to the materials of the National Police Agency, as I said in the previous blog The number of bicycles theft is about 340,000 (FY2011) just by reporting. Being stolen a bicycle is a big damage to your heart and your wallet, even an expensive fixie bike,
If you have a bicycle with a thought that you went to various places together, the damage is immeasurable. Say it many times. 。 。

Lock the lock at any time!

If you don't lock it, your bicycle will be taken in 3 seconds. In fact, most of the stolen bicycles are stolen without locking. Professional nests are said to be 5-10 minutes on average The more time you spend on the crime, the higher the probability of being caught They seem to commit crimes in a surprisingly short time.
Regarding bicycles, thieves tend to shy away from longing time. If you are a bicycle thief, if you don't have a key, you can be a target bicycle alone. "I'm going back soon ..." Let's lock。 If you lock it, it's safe! Not ... For example, if you have a large wire cutter, most wire locks can be cut in 5 seconds. The weak U -shaped rock is 1 minute with a saw. 。 。
There is a way to easily break the key, so the key is to increase the time it takes to theft.At least 2Let's put it on. Also, think that the cheaper key is easier to break. There are high reasons, such as high keys are made of materials that are hard to break. and, The basics of locking techniques are "Earth Rock". This is a method of fixing a bicycle to a fixed structure (such as a sign pole, fence, coin parking, etc.) on the ground. Even if you lock it, you may be taken by car by car, so use this method where you can lock the earth. Also, be careful with the key to the wheel part! Most sports bikes such as fixes bikes make it easier to run or repair. The wheels can be removed immediately. In addition, most sports cycles can disassemble a considerable part if they have a hexagon wrench. Only saddles and wheels were stolen! What happens.
Basically, locks the frame that is not easy to cut, locks the earth, Fix a different key to a saddle or wheel, such as a saddle or wheel, to the frame.

It is also important to devise a place! !

Dividing whether a bicycle can be stolen is greatly related to the place to stop the bicycle. Stop in a place where you can see as much as possible so that you can see it. Choose a place where bicycle thief is difficult to commit, such as choosing a bright place illuminated on the street. Be careful when parking in a bicycle parking lot that seems safe. Even in a bicycle storage area where the manager is located, it may be stolen with a gap, It seems that bicycles are stolen even in the paid bicycle parking lot managed by the PIN. Don't worry because it's a bicycle parking lot, be sure to use the key. When the bicycle parking rack is two steps, it takes extra time to lower the bicycle by placing it on the top.
Keep in mind as one of the bicycle parking techniques, as it will be hard to be stolen. Still, the best crime prevention is conscious! ! ! ! thank you! ! ! ! ! Ray Victor
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