Simple "Parallax" Osaka Custom !!!

hello!!! Today's OSAKA CUSTOM is "Parallax". I think that there are still few people riding, so if you ride it now !! And it is a little different from the custom completed car of the "Parallax" introduced so far Please associate to the end because the cost has been reduced as much as possible. Then it is today's custom completed car. Because the frame has a bold coloring and strange design I tried to tighten the parts to Black. The frame is noticeable and looks simple at first glance, but for the frame itself Because of the impact, the finished finish was made.
How about that?? ・ Those who wanted to ride CINELLI ・ Those who like the unusual frame design ・ Those who are confident in the design and want to do various customs "Parallax" is recommended !!! Today, I had a sense of unity with the parts and customized it, If you look at the previous blog, you can find customs with colors. Because it is a frame that can be customized freely. Please check it when you come to the store. Let's introduce the parts !!! First, around the handle. It is so popular that the arrival is flooded A bullhorn handle that can be sold as soon as it arrives. Finally, it was restocked 2 days ago !!!

DEDA DABER ¥ 22,800 - (+tax)

Just custom this handle There is an impact on the appearance. Please check the link for details !! Stem is DEDA gives a sense of unity, and the material is aluminum Stem with a lighter (118G) weight while ensuring strength!

DEDA ZERO100 PISTA STEM ¥ 9,200 - (+Tax)

By setting the angle at 70 °, A forward leaning posture is possible than the conventional stem. The size of the stem is 90mm to 120mm, If you customize it with a short top tube "kagero" With the front down -shaped frame and the stem on the front down It will be a very aggressive aggressive style. The seat post

Thomson Elite ¥ 8,400- (+Tax)

Thomson's seat post is also a top rider Despite the use a lot, the price is reasonable !! In terms of quality, many manufacturers do not pull the products On the contrary, it makes something better than that, but it is Thomson. If you use it, you should understand the goodness !! The wheels are back and forth BROTURES Original Wheel !!!

All Day

Front $ 16,000 - (+tax)

Rear ¥ 18,000- (+tax)

Unlike ordinary BLACK, there is a gloss and it shines !! I used this frame that this frame would look cooler to put in a shine. One of the pleasures is that there is a slight change in color when every arrival. There are plenty of colors and sometimes reasonable Recommended as a custom wheel !! The crank is characterized by durability and supple hardness.

FSA Carbon Track ISIS Crank ¥ 45,000 - (+Tax)

This crank is said to be the strongest in the crank world! This time the frame is similar I thought this was the best combination. There is also a carbon adopted, so the weight is 809 grams and light, including BB. The unique flexibility not found in metals reduces the load, so The power is firmly conveyed, and the pedaling power is further improved !!!! In the crank set, the BB rotation axis is not a common square taper. You will need a dedicated BB

FSA ISIS BB ¥ 8,000- (+Tax)

use!!!It realizes a direct running comfort. A crank set with no other in all lightweight, strength, and quality. Like the frame, I don't think you'll be wearing people !! how was it??
If you don't want to cover people, this frame is recommended !! It is also good to manage. But make it look cool with your own ideas I would be very happy if it was said to be cool. So please come to make an original motorcycle !! We are waiting for you tomorrow at BROTURES OSAKA. U-KI.
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