Hed. Disc Wheel x Leaderbikes 735TR

Disk wheels mainly used in track races, girls Keirin, etc., Recently, many people have been attached to "slender chromoly frames" such as NJS Frame. Then would it fit the lightweight and stylish erotic frame of Leader Bikes? So first of all, please see the video running on the front and rear disk wheels in the track competition. [YouTube] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qexadv_wxkw[/youtube] Well, this is what is super fast! So why they first wear a disk wheel before and after, The air resistance by spokes has been reduced, and the resistance when cruising at high speed is greater than the weight. It is suitable for high -speed cruising on flat ground.
Screenshot 2014-08-26 13.54.01
If there is a little rim hat, the turbulence of the air caused by the spoke will decrease. The resistance is reduced, and the aero -shaped spokes are also less turbulent than round spokes, and the resistance is less.

And as the rim hat is higher, the rigidity in the vertical direction increases, but the horizontal rigidity is lower.

In other words, because the rigidity in the vertical direction is high, the number of spokes can be reduced from a low rim hat wheel.

By reducing spokes, the resistance of turbulence when spokes rotate will also be reduced! ! ! But what we are looking for is not only that, but the most advanced and cool. Every day, I want to make a bicycle that everyone looks back. And here is what I made this time! !
Screenshot 2014-08-24 16.08.12
How about that? It is not an exaggeration to say that the specifications are greedy without compromise. However, it is not the course to run, The handle was riser because I was particular about "Street".
The stem is used to the wheels and frames and choose U.S.A. The angle, length, coloring and form are outstanding with bicycles.
The crank is used as "domestic" like the handle. It is SUGINO 75. Although it is not a NJS certification, it is a masterpiece of a full -fledged crank that uses ISO standards for PCD144mm. The chain ring is of course unified at 75. It is a set that fixes from all over the world love love because of its high accuracy.
Install the Leader SPCA1 AeroseatPost that you can bring to the aero frame. Very good compatibility with 7series, whose seat clamp part has changed. Please note that the position of the saddle is higher than before even with a minimum! !
And the main disc wheel. Made in U.S.A "Hed." What a JET9 front disc wheel that is not usually in the lineup! ! ! !

BROTURES is bespoke! !

Unfortunately, the HED headquarters has no public road specifications. 。 。 。 Don't forget that Brotures only available in the world! ! ! !
How was this custom this time? It's not easy to make something that doesn't wear with people, but it's definitely interesting. If you have time, please come to BROTURES OSAKA. I will support you with all your might.
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