Evolved "Leader" parts !!!

good evening!!! How is your physical condition due to changes in temperature recently ?? Let's manage your physical condition well and work hard on a comfortable ride !!! Also, how is the condition of the bicycle recently ?? Because it is only once a month so that you can ride in a BEST state Please come to maintenance !! Now, Today I would like to introduce the new Leader parts.
Among them, Leader BULL HORN BAR "SABER" and SEATPOST are newly arrived !! First From Bull Horn Bar "Saber".

Leader Bike Saber Bull Horn Bar

The appearance design has been replaced and matte black to matte black. It is a handle that is a little narrower than before and is calculated. Good grip on slopes, etc. without wasted power I think it is a handle that can be grasped firmly. Next is SEATPOST.
The difference from SPA4 is First of all, the design of the logo changed and the simple finish was made. Appearance with a slight weight reduction of several grams !! The texture is a slightly rough matte finish like the handle. It is recommended for those who do not want to reduce costs in the alloy (alloy) seat post. In BROTURES, product information and arrival information, as needed on the blog, We update custom bikes (reference) every day. There are a lot of good information if you can see it every day !!! Please check it out !!! We are waiting for you tomorrow at BROTURES OSAKA. Thank you for visiting us today. U-KI.
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