I do a "custom" with play !!!

One of the most common inquiries recently is bringing in. We will inform you that we will be happy to install and assemble the frames and parts of other companies! ! ! You can bring everything in! ! This is what I can say so far because I am more confident in assembling and assembling than other stores. Any frame is fine if the standard is right! ! ! And the frame brought to the customer this time is "MASI COLTELLO" The fork is dropped from Leader Bikes Install i803. As you can see, the compatibility is outstanding, and it is a feeling that it is likely to be cool. Above all, this folk is attractive with a compact offset! ! ! yeah? offset? Well ... ! w
The offset is a vertical distance between the pilot tube center (extended line) and the front wheel axis. In general, offset is created by bending the fork into an arc -shaped shape. There are also fork manufacturers with four types of offset forks. If the offset is short, the trail becomes longer. If the offset is long, it is intuitive to think that the trail is long, but the opposite is true. If you make the offset longer in the figure on the right, you can see that the trail becomes shorter.
yeah? Trail? ? ? It's a word you don't understand again. 。 。 It will be a lecture again next time! ! In other words, offset like a leader fork is compact and easy to ride! ! !
Please consult with any trouble! ! ! We will do our best! ! ! ! Ray Victor.
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