In stock !! "TNI" BLACK FEATHER Carbon Ra...

good evening!!! New arrival today, Introducing "TNI" BLACK FEATHER carbon rail saddle !!!
This saddle is super light anyway. How weight is114g and surprising light !!! It's so light that you don't feel like having it, so if you come to the store, take it once. Also, those who choose a lightweight saddle are to reduce the weight of the motorcycle, For stable dancing that accelerates lightly,I think there are many people The general problem is that the sitting comfort is not good because it gives priority to lightness !!
But this "Black Feather" is different. Secure the pad firmly while being lightweight By opening the space near the nose, the entire carbon becomes the whole carbon. It is thought to absorb the shock comfortably. Also, it also plays a role in opening it from the worrisome problems in sports saddles, "pressure in the urethra". It is a saddle that has been devised so that the comfort does not impair as much as possible !!! The price is also worried. 。 。 Do you usually have a high image of a light saddle!? But with this quality

¥ 18,000- (+tax)

It's quite affordable !!!!!!!

There is no doubt that it will sell quickly If you are interested, please come to check as soon as possible. Finally, there are the most fun events that you should not forget this weekend. Please check on yesterday's blog for details ↓ ↓ ↓

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