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good evening!!! Everyone's bicycle maintenance How often are you going!?!?!? A necessity on the day when it got wet due to rain, a day off, and a dirty day! There are many popular and popular maintenance products "MUC-OFF" at BROTURES OSAKA !!! Would you like to maintain your cute car with cute items!?!?!?


When maintaining at my own home It is fashionable and cute just because there is, and it is an excellent oil in terms of performance !!! The price is reasonable, so I want to do it for the time being. 。 You can easily get it. Then I will introduce one by one, so please see it to the end !!


It is a motorcycle exclusive shampoo that can be used with confidence in all materials with nanotech technology !! By making the raw material of MUC-OFF cleaning agent into a nano-level, it will penetrate deeper into the back of the dirt. The dirt is carefully disassembled from the atomic level. It also has the effect of preventing corrosion, and it can be used comfortably because it is foody and safe !!! As a usage, spray this cleaner to the place you want to wash. Wash it off with water !! At this point the dirt has been removed to some extent, and again again Spray. And it will end if you wipe it with a sponge or brush and wipe it up !!


Convenient and excellent thing to remove the adhesive dirt and oil !!! As a way to use, the first wipe from the roll in the center through the slot of the lid. Turn and pull. Then remove dirt such as tools, bicycles, and hands. Be sure to close the lid after use !! Later, those who are weak on the skin may be covered, so use gloves.


It keeps the brightness by high -performance polish and protective effect. It prevents dust, mud and water repellent adhesion. As a usage method, the car washing is over, and after drying, shake this can well. Since a small amount is fine, use it on a microfiber cloth and wipe it with a feeling of painting. It prevents dirt attached to nature, so the next car wash will be easier.

DriveTrain Cleaner ¥ 3,395 - (+tax)

Drop the stubborn stubborn dirt attached to the chain It can also be used for driving parts such as chain rings and derailleur. After shaking the bottle well as a usage method, chain and chain ring Spray it on a driving part such as a derailleur and leave it for 2 minutes to remove dirt with a brush. (If you don't have a brush, you can use a used toothbrush!) The rest is finished by flowing with water !!! It is an excellent thing that can be removed even with dirt that is difficult to remove.

MUC-OFF DRY LUBE ¥ 780-(+Tax)

MUC-OF CERAMIC LUBE ¥ 1,260- (+Tax)

If both are different from chain lubricants Yellow is suitable for road racing and sunny weather driving Pink is suitable for long distances and rainy weather, and is suitable for off -road under severe conditions. Because it contains Ceramic, it provides durability and ultra -low. The same way is the same, while turning the pedal backwards Apply to one chain 1 piece 1 piece. It is effective to remove the grease in advance and dry it before use. Finally, it's convenient to polish these oils

MUC-OFF Polishing Microfiber Cross ¥ 1,700-(+Tax)

Ultra -high -performance microfiber cloth Oil and dirt that have remained significantly increased surface absorption by adopting surprising technology It removes perfectly. The polished surface shines. The length of the hair is different between the back and the surface, For example, a roughly dirty removal of a "nanotech bike cleaner" and wiping the finish. After car washing, you can use it in the style of painting and polishing the "Miracle Shine". Even if you buy all the products introduced today ¥ 15,500- (+tax) So it's reasonable and the bicycle can be maintained neatly, The maintenance space is also fashionable, so there is no doubt that the bicycle will be attached. If you are worried, go to BROTURES OSAKA Please come to see !!! We are waiting for you tomorrow !!! U-KI.
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