Dosnoventa ✕ ENVE =? ?

Good evening everyone. I'm sorry. Ride day is continuing, is it okay to maintain your bicycle? Bicycles and parts are substantial. Please come to the store even when you have time! By the way, today, I made a bicycle that anyone looks cool! ! "DOSNOVENTA" was adopted in the frame The focus as the main part was "ENVE" I would like to introduce what happens when these two high -spec brands are linked.
DOSNOVENTA DETROIT 2.0 Custom completed car I think you can understand the dangerousness by appearance. The colors are summarized in two -tone "black" and "white". This color of DOSNOVENTA DETROIT 2.0 is a custom color. Pashute shape that is the biggest feature of "Detroit 2.0". You can enjoy an attacking ride, but it's cool. Piste bikes are also important for their high performance, but good design is quite important. DOSNOVENTA has both such high performance and high design. And the parts I chose this time are "ENVE" The logo of this brand is black and white. This is the only part brand that suits this frame! I just linked it.
ENVE Stem ¥ 30000 (+tax)
ENVE sheet post ¥ 34000 (+tax)
Enve ✕ BROTTURES wheel I tried to rush into the ENVE.
ENVE logo. How do you like it? Unification with one brand creates a natural and unity. ENVE is not really cute. It is an expensive part as a carbon brand. just, Please bring it. Please touch it. Please use it by all means. There should be more excitement than the price. That's why the skilled riders, including the manager of Narumi, are “de”! Seeing is believing! This brand may be creating such parts! In particular, the parts of the "ENVE" brand are those that further enhance the grade, presence, and luxury of the bicycle you are riding. At the Osaka store, we strive to stock "ENVE" parts at all times. Please touch when you come to the store! In addition, we use high -spec parts.
Fizik ARIONE ¥ 14030 (+tax) An absolute existence that has supported many pisto rider's ass. A saddle that combines functionality and design that can adapt to any frame.
HED H3 rear ¥ 151000 (+tax) Baton wheel, a rider's longing target. Among them, it will be a baton wheel of HED that will always reign at the top. The wheels made by specializing in carbon fiber and synthetic resin, and pouring the knowledge of airplanes there. After all it can be said that it is a first -class wheel.
SRAM OMNIUM ¥ 33000 (+tax) It is a famous crank as a synonym for direct crank. The left and right crank arms are connected, and the feature is that the stepping force can be converted to the maximum propulsion force. By adopting a larger bearing than a conventional cartridge type BB It reduces rigidity and the burden on the BB, and helps a longer and fun ride life. This time, I dropped quite high -spec parts into a high -class bicycle. The brand that focused on was "ENVE", This Dosnoventa brand frame is a bicycle that can be used any parts.
Screenshot 2014-09-20 17.32.11
In October, the Dosnoventa crew also came to Japan, and there is no doubt that it will become increasingly popular. If you are "dosnoventa, don't worry!" There are many payment methods for bicycle shops that handle expensive bicycles. The staff will also consult with the loan, so please feel free to tell us! The weather forecast is closed today because it is long today. Then!
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