I was able to make a new work.

The PHILWOOD that arrived last month is likely to be all upright. Carbon diprims and carbon baton wheels were gaining popularity as a brotures -like way. Recently, it is aluminum rim, carbon rim, hub and spoke, and assemble. Made -to -order wheels are popular.

So I immediately introduced the two that I assembled today.

H Plus SON SL-42 × GRAN Compes Track Hub front wheel ¥ 25,000 / rear wheel ¥ 25,900

A combination that can be finished at a low price and has been a popular combination now and in the past. Both the rim and the hub are available in a variety of color variations. The rim is blue, the hub is black, the rim is black, and the hub is red. Such a thing is also possible.

And do you notice? Molanbon group. Unexpectedly, the mechanic, Yang was learning. smile

Night Ride, Moranbon reflects on the car headlights and glows. Good!

And the other is this wheel finished with PHILWOOD.

BROTURES F55 CARBON RIM x PHILWOOD TRACK HUB front wheel ¥ 89,800 / rear wheel ¥ 92,800

BROTRUES Originally the strongest street drive carbon rim "f" In addition to the strength of the 3K carbon itself, it became an inner nipple and succeeded in reducing air resistance.

And the hub to match is, of course, Philwood. Town riding definitive edition. Good shell rigidity, good rotation performance of bearing, good design. Personally, beautiful alumite is my favorite point. There are plenty of other colors, so please contact us.

It can be purchased by mail order,Parts can be installed in installmentsbecame. If you are worried, the staff will answer your kind, so please feel free to ask.

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