Custom the spot color with CORIMA.

Today we will introduce carbon maker "CORIMA"Here is the 3 baton of" 3 batons.

Leader® 721TR CORIMA Custom ¥ 218,000 (+tax)
CORIMA 3 SPOKE 2D HM Front Wheel It is a relatively reasonable CORIMA among carbon wheels, but its ability is used in the World Championships. The CORIMA wheels are famous for high rigidity, but the secret of high rigidity lies in the manufacturing method.
State source:TRISPORTS

The inside of the rim is buried with a foaming agent! The carbon is wrapped around a special foaming agent, so it can be made so high. More specifically, there is a reinforced carbon seat in the rim. Normally, the higher the rigidity, the heavier it is, but the carbon. It's really light. The running comfort is the best because it is also excellent for aerodynamics. It turns around comfortably without stress.

If you are considering carbon wheels, how about CORIMA?

It is a light custom with 3 batons on the normal 721TR, but the impression of the appearance has changed considerably. If you are looking for a certain specifications and changes in looks, we recommend a wheel custom that can be easily done ◎

The 721TR Limited Color introduced this time is only in stock! If you are looking for it, please contact us as soon as possible.


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