721 with super high spec.

Hello Today is721, which is the Leader entry modelIntroducing custom.
A very high -spec finish. Before and after, it is very popular with our original originalBROTURES SHRED88
This rim height is cool. There was a customer set before and after this. Because it is a carbon, it is not only light, but also has a firm rigidity. Shock absorption is perfect! The fist is not a suspension, so if you go through the uneven roads Anyway, the vibration is amazing. It is transmitted to the arms and buttocks (laughs) So many people change to carbon. The seat post, stem, and handle are also set with carbon.
Yes, zipp! It is a name like a certain program, but it is super luxury. Both are lightly 30,000, ... Well, that's good, though. A lightweight carbon stem that adopts EXOGRAM technology and achieves a heavy rigidity ratio that exceeds the SL SPRINT stem. Not only the lightweight motorcycle of the climber, but also the gravel and cyclocross have sufficient toughness. Adopts aluminum face plates and stainless steel T25 bolts to enable more accurate torque management. The seat post also uses SRAM EXOGRAM technology as well as the stem. A lighter seat post has been completed with the same adjustment range as the previous model. The clamping system has been renewed to enhance the ease of adjustment, ease of use, and security.
The handle isBROTURES originalis not it. Instead of diversion of road, a compromised handle designed with drop and reach length with its own know -how. The feature is that the shoulders of the handle are thick, so it is easy to grasp and take a position. We are particular about detailed details and have non -slip processing on the clamp part. The end part is integrated with the handle, and the finish is very beautiful. It is a handle that you definitely want to take. All mat specifications that match the 721 matte black, it's so cool. Don't despise 721 as an entry model. The frame weight, form, and their preference are individual. Let's find one that suits you. Finally, if you make a loan 24 times in this custom, ...
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