To enjoy a bicycle. 。 。 Introducing a req...

Good evening!!! Today I would like to introduce what I need when riding a bicycle. They include "keys", "lights", "tools", and "air plants". I would like to introduce this tool set today. At BROTURES OSAKA We sell keys, lights (F, R), tools, and air inserts.
These tools are set ¥ 15,000 (+tax) It's pretty good! Then, I will introduce one by one.
Knog Blinder 1 Front Light It is a front -only light. The biggest attraction of Knog's Blinder is USB charging. Moreover, there are 5 patterns of blinking methods. We have various designs.
KNOG BLINDER4 Rearlight It is a rear only light. There is also a blinking pattern here as well, The brightness is attractive! It's bright anyway! So you can tell your position to your car. Why do you need lights? ・ Because the police get angry → there is also that. It is important to follow the traffic rules! ・ To convey your existence to others → this! ! ! The most scary thing when riding a bicycle is the "accident." It is the same as being a "victim", and it is possible to become a "perpetrator". If the other person understands your existence, It also reduces the danger of contacting a car, and can help pedestrians to prevent accidents. With that in mind, you have to wear "light" firmly.
Abus Shadow It will be ABUS chain lock. The importance of the key is "crime prevention", as I have always mentioned. The sadness of being stolen a bicycle is immeasurable. It can be prevented by making a trivial care as a bicycle. One of the trivial things is the "key". First of all, please lock well! And be aware of security. That consciousness is most important! Locking is a minimum act. First, let's arrange that tool! !
LIFU tool With this tool, you can do ring and maintenance at home. If you go, you can go to Arashiyama in Kyoto to see the maple. I think that you can understand the charm of the bicycle more by maintaining it. By maintaining it, you can understand the mechanism of the bicycle, and it will also be a good opportunity to like bicycles! !
TOPEAK air case This is also one of the maintenance goods! ! To put in air is "the minimum maintenance that customers can do." In winter when air pressure is likely to decrease, air must be entered regularly. It leads to "punk" etc. That's why it's an essential item! Items necessary to enjoy a bicycle! These have become a bargain set together. Those who are worried! ! I'd love to! 15,000 yen! ! Dazzling
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