"Rose complete" is fun. Customer bike che...

Affinity is a frame that has been decreasing vigorously since its release. In the case of the Osaka store, LO PRO is the most popular among them, and in color, Filmgrain is by far the best. I have already assembled some of them and we delivered the car. I'm going to check one of them. AFFINITY LO PRO FILMGRAIN Frame Set ¥ 89,000-
A good riser custom with a photo from the side. However, I am looking forward to the details of the details and consulting the parts. Let's take a look at such places.
First, head parts. From this timeAffinityI came outPhilwoodHead parts. So, select polish.There are few glittering head parts so far, and it is a head part that is conveyed that it is firmly assembled. Play to the spacer. A one -point Simworks logo on the plating process that matches head parts. It is a favorite brand because Simworks seems to have many casual playful parts.
Simworks and Nitto collaborations are also in the stem and seat post. It's good to be around for something that doesn't suffer from people in terms of unity. The handle is also NITTO.
Then the bar end is the one that matches the frame color.
The undercarriage is a Sugino75 crank, a Raketa diamond chain ring.
The wheels are combined with AT-25 and PHILWOOD in front and rear hand. The front is LowFlange, the rear is LargeFlange, a green color hub on the front. It's really cool. I guess I'm the only one who thinks.
So, the seat clamp is like a head part and hub, and the color is also green here. It is interesting because it changes the impression of this casual small parts.
It would be cool if you had to attach brakes anyway. Recently, I have the impression that the number of people who thinks and assemble this area properly. We also have a caliper that we can recommend accordingly, so we should consult with you. I introduced it so that it flows roughly, but it has a cool finish. It was good that the owner of this body was also happy when the car was delivered. LO PRO is like a custom that I want customers to make because I am riding myself, and I was glad that I accepted it a little, but I accepted it. It is the customer who pays the money, and it is also a customer to get on it, but it is fun to consult until it is finished or conversation is fun, and when assembling it, it is fun because we know the commitment of such customers. I do. We say "rose -complete" to select and assemble everything from the frame, but "rose -complete" is fun even if it takes time. AffinityI always think that it is a frame that excites the riding side and the assembly side. The arrival time is sparse or the number is small. It costs money to assemble it, but it is a good frame if you can do it. Please rely on us and consult us. And I hope you will be assembled. Then. Fuji BROTURES OSAKA 1-19-22 Minamihorie, Nishi-ku, Osaka 06-4391-3313 osaka@brotures.com
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