I think this week will be the final order...

Finally, December is coming, and we want to hand over what we are getting as much as possible this year, so we are working on a hurry. It is a situation that not only the body, but also the wheel group, if you get an order this weekend, you can manage it within the year. It is limited if you have all items in stock. So if you wish to be this year, please consult by Sunday. Then, today we introduce wheels. Last week we were introducing aluminum rim main, but this time we introduced wheels with carbon rim. BROTURES SHRED88 × DT Swiss Rear ¥76,600-
The most popular SHRED88 among BROTURES original wheels. Requested wheel to replace the hub by changing the hub. It is also a merit of the hand assembly to be able to reconcile.
When reconciling, the hub is the DT SWISS track hub. The number of holes is good, and from just a genuine genuine hub of black to a silver -based hub. It is ant to change the impression if you change it. In the case of a hub or a rim composition, the length of the spoke often changes, and the first one is often unusable. However, if you are a DT Swiss hub, there is also the merit that you can use the spoke even if you change it from the genuine hub of SHRED. SHRED spokes are cooler if you can use Pillar's aero spokes, and it's cooler and cut off. If you are using the SHRED series wheels as it is, why not try this kind of reconciliation? ENVE SES5.6 × PHILWOOD PROTRACK Rear ¥183,800-
This combination is the best in the fix. definitely. It's expensive, but it's light, turned well, has rigidity, and aerodynamics. All important things are clogged in the wheel. And at a high dimension.
ENVE's rim is easy to assemble and you can stretch it. The spokes are internal, like F RIM, but it is still less than the hardness and ease of assembly of ENVE. It is certain that it is a valuable rim even if the price is high. So, this 5.6 rim hat is the most popular. Not too thick or too thin.
The hub is the best PHIL. Protrack. A wheel made not only for the lightness by removing the meat, but also on titanium bolts and details. Bearing is also customized from the beginning. This may be the price like ENVE, but it's just a structure that matches it. This wheel is also a thing that has just been assembled after waiting for the rim, and will be completed shortly after the owner of this wheel owner. It will be a very high -spec bike that will take a long time over time, but it seems that it is cool just by imagination. I'm looking forward to it. It looks like this today. It is about one week this year, but you can kill time at the store, so please let me give you a greeting at the end of the year. I'm waiting for you.
Fujimoto's horse racing prediction The previous result. Losing。 It's no good. Well, I want to end up winning Arima. This week's raceNakayama 11R Arima Memorial (G1 Then here is the forecast ↓ ↓ ↓
I support the lithrashu. I. There are many retired horses and sad. But I'm really looking forward to it because it's a great race. Fuji BROTURES OSAKA 1-19-22 Minamihorie, Nishi-ku, Osaka 06-4391-3313 osaka@brotures.com
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