White is gone! ! !

Hello It's not good, Leader 735 white is likely to disappear. 。 If you are wondering if you want to buy it, you should hurry! Leader® 735TR COMPLETE BIKE 185,000 (+Tax) Today, I tried to assemble the parts that are very small in stock according to the 735 white.
Currently, BROTURES original baton wheels are traveling rapidly. I recommend this CORIMA guy for those who want to put on a baton but have no stock.
CORIMA 3 SPOKE 2D HM Front WHEEL ¥ 123,000 (+Tax) A glossy appearance with a popular three -piece baton and a unique pattern unique to carbon. The weight is 665g and the ceramic bearing is used in tubular wheels. The "2D" in the name of the wheel is a structure in which the spoke part is finished in a raindrop -like shape and is a crystal of CORIMA. And the other name "HM" is "high modulus" or "high elastic carbon". It is finished with a highly elasticity rate than a conventional carbon fiber, that is, a carbon material that uses a less deformed one, making it a strong strength. Only one stock.
DEDA's Super Leggera 3set ¥ 85,000 (+tax) →60,000 (+tax) This is a set of seat posts and stem! This is quite advantageous.
The handle and the seat post are made of carbon and the stem is lightweight aluminum, and it is light anyway! ! ! It can give a sense of unity on the body, fucking and cheap. There is only good thing. This set is only one pair.
I just changed the wheel and the handle, but it would be quite cool! And now, YNOT pedal straps are available!
YNOT color strap ¥ 6,800 (+tax) If you want to add color because it is quite colorful, it is now. I think it is right to cut the color. This time, a white strap is installed according to the 735 white.
It matches a good feeling!
White, it will be seriously out of stock. 。 It's persistent, but in a hurry. Finally, if you try to form a loan 24 times with today's custom,
By all means, you can ride it without difficulty! Ren BROTURES OSAKA 1-19-22 Minamihorie, Nishi-ku, Osaka 06-4391-3313 OSAKA@brotures.com
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