Flat black 735tr "dark shade" S

Leer bikes 735tr matte black It is simple, cool, stylish, but suspicious. "DRK shdw" Basically the black machine is basically good. It is me who thinks that it is only a demonstration. Like a serious man S.w.a. t Special weapons tactics, It was the theme of this time to finish it to an aggressive and cruel looks, so I was coordinated by me. I have installed the rare and sophisticated parts that I have never seen. From the spec table
  • 735 tr Msize frame
  • Lever talk I 806 full carbon
  • Full speed ahead (FSA) head partners
  • Thomson x2 90mm stem
  • Leisure
  • Readerbikes SPCA1
  • Tioga Twain tap seat
  • BLB notoorius 50mm f / R rims
  • Cycloc SMAR gradient hubs f / R
  • DT swarms
  • Root
  • Root chains
Next, parts are opened to the public.
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Attention is two. First, crank Root Madrid, Spain It is a motorcycle component brand fused with advanced cutting technology and technology development advancing in the industry university cooperation. "Rotor" An introduction to q-rings, which is considered to analyze the mechanism of the pedaling mechanism Drop out of high rigidity and super lightweight crank. It is famous for lineup of the characteristic product such as "3d-crane" used this time. Actively support the European Pro Road Team 3 major tools, including the world championship and the classic race! In order to run a bicycle fast, each company is developing a pedagogical development The product produced from the brand "rotor" which has developed the product by a totally different approach and has grown up is all the best!
Img 7980
And the other point is a front flange made of small flange. I think that I have seen this method.
Img 8243
You can see the spokes extend from the hub to the rim. Probably the spoke wheel of the beginning was this radial pair! (certainly)! W It is possible to reduce the length of the spoke compared to tangent or double cross. On the other hand, because it doesn't intersect, it doesn't intersect, so the lateral stiffness will fall. Above all, I have a look! The existence feeling is outstanding though it is simple! Then I'll show you the whole picture.
Img 8231
Img 8235
How did you like this custom car? It is proof that this is not only NJS frame that 50mm deep rim is good looking. Please feel free to ask the staff or the consultation. Be sure to answer the answer. Finally, this tune is farewell♪
Screenshots 2014-09-29 18.04.49
[YouTube] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YLx11xq6X7Q&oref=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DYLx11xq6X7Q&has_verified=1[/youtube] Ray Victor
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