Client's Order Afinity Lopro & Metropolitan

Hello The BIKEs of the customers delivered the other day today Introducing Affinity's "LOPRO" and "Metropolitan"! AFFINITY LOPRO "Film Grain Black" Frame Set ¥ 89,000 (+tax) First from Lopro.
A frame using exquisite color gray. This is a chic custom with silver and black parts.
A hand -assembled wheel using silver aluminum rims of front and rear H Plus Son is set.
Various otherHand -assembled wheelThere is so by all means! ! The hub is GRAN COMPE 2, it is safe quality! Silver rims and spokes emerge the color of the middle hub. This is the same for any color, so if you want to make the color stand out, it is recommended!
You can get a glimpse of your commitment when you use PHIL cogs! I think the PHIL glossy polish is the most beautiful in the industry.
Thomson Elite X2 11,000 ( + Tax) Thomson Elite SeatPost ¥ 11,000 (+Tax)
The handle and seats are unified with Thomson. Silver and black are entangled with good distribution.
The crank is OMNIUM, which is determined to end production. The end of the trusted gem is sad. 。 。 SRAM OMNIUM crank set 31,400 (+tax)
I use something good for headset. Clickin headset. In such a place, there is a difference in deterioration if used for a long time, and there are times when it is directly touched on the frame. It's not good to remove it, so it's the first thing to put on something good! Chris King NoshReadset ™ 1-1/8 "OS ¥ 20,000 (+tax)
The brake is on the bar end! Here, it's pretty refreshing around the handle! It is a wonderful one that is particular about the details! Next is the introduction of Metropolitan. Metropolitan Champagne Gold / Japan Limited "Frame Set ¥ 84,000 (+tax)
This is a champagne gold with beautiful orange shining! Customized silver.
This also uses PHIL for the headset. This is important! PHILWOOD 1-1/8 Headset ¥ 22,000 (+Tax)
There is no doubt that the combination of Thomson and PHIL. cool!
I am also particular about the shape of the chain. This is good because this shape is not so much! !
DURA-ACE Hub x H Plus Son hand-assembled wheel. Don't miss the details. It is neatly organized! Everyone is stylish and custom. If you are worried about the trivial place, please bring it at any time! I look forward to working with you! ! ! Ren BROTURES OSAKA 1-19-22 Minamihorie, Nishi-ku, Osaka 06-4391-3313
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12:00-19:00 (no regular holidays)