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Hello, it's cold today. Kichijoji store has returned to regular business, with a long first sale SALE.

Speaking of the new year, I often asked questions about hand -set wheels at the question corner at Instagram. There is no gorgeous charm like a carbon wheel, but other customs that are difficult to wear are often chosen by customers who are concerned.

Depending on parts such as hubs and rims, the characteristics are completely different, so I hope you can choose them for those who use it hard for daily commuting or school. Therefore, I would like to provide a gem hand -set wheel currently assembled and stored at the Kichijoji store in January.

All of them are assembled with carefully selected parts, so they can be used. Although the price is somewhat expensive, I think that it is a conscientious price setting compared to the carbon wheel custom.

Please see.

Gran Compe Pro / H Plus Son The-BOX

WHEEL SET /¥ 63,000- (+tax) is 10%off !!

¥ 56,700- (+tax)

* Not included tires

That hub of Gran Composition, which was very popular with color hubs in the past, has evolved to Gran Compes Pro Track Hub, which has evolved to a higher performance so that it can be used in track racing.

A wheel that combines the box of H Plus Son of H Plus Son with a square rim cross section.

A traditional and stoic wheel with the atmosphere of the bicycle racer is dropped.

Isn't it compatible with slender frames such as NJS and chromoly!


WHEEL SET / ¥ 92,000- (+tax) is 10%off !!

¥ 82,800- (+tax)

* Not included tires

From the sturdy of criterium races and messenger that runs around a tremendous distance every day, it is a super tough PHILWOOD hub.

A wheel that combines a slightly unusual Ambrosio Track Disc hub that gives high -precision, lightweight and light driving performance.

It seems that the beautiful alumite green is eye -catching, and the rim does not suffer easily and the choice, so it will definitely give a strong personality to your car!


WHEEL SET / ¥ 107,600- (+tax) is 20%off !!

¥ 96,840- (+tax)

* Not included tires

A wheel that combines the super -accurate racing parts such as stem and handle to the super -flange hub of PHILWOOD, the representative of Super Tuff, which was introduced above, and a packed performance that combines Easton's R90SL rim.

The wheels introduced above also have the same PHIL hub installed, but this is a beautiful polish color that makes you want to polish it forever.

The red logo color is also a good feeling as a one -point color.

The EA90 series SL (Super Light), which is the highest grade model of Easton's aluminum, so you can enjoy the high potential especially in the race.

PHILWOOD SMALL Frack Track Hub / H Plus Son ArchType Black

WHEEL SET / ¥ 84,600- (+tax) is 20%off !!

¥ 76,140- (+tax)

* Not included tires

It is a wheel with the same PHILWOOD hub attached to the above two, but this is a small frange type that looks shiny.

In addition, a wheel that combines H Plus Son Archtype, which has the No. 1 nomination rate from customers who have ordered wheels in our shop.

The design with a sharp tip of the rim is a sharp and fearless image.

The performance of the wheel itself has been assembled in a wide wheel that can be used all round, from lace to streets.

A small flange hub that explained a little in the above.

What is a small flange? So one of the major benefits is that the lower flange of the hub can increase the length of the spoke.

As a result, the benefits of spokes are more susceptible, alleviating the influence of vibration, etc., and assembled in a comfortable wheel.

The rim height is not too high at around 30mm, so you can experience a better ride.

Paul Large France Track Hub / Velocity Aileron

WHEEL SET / ¥ 92,600- (+tax) is 20%off !!

¥ 83,340- (+tax)

* Not included tires

The Paul's hub is often the same as PHILWOOD's popularity, but what I want to recommend as much as possible.

Similarly, it is our favorite maid -in USA, the price is a little reduced, but the performance and accuracy are as good as PHIL. A little quieter but insanely sturdy and recommended hub.

The rim that matched was the AILERON of 'Velocity' ', who released colorful color rims as soon as it was a piste big boom in the past.

It is a wheel that can play pounding, from a very strong design with a wide and middle height rim height, to the streets of pounding, and gravel cyclocrosslides.

The feature of Paul's hub is that it is easy to maintain anyway, and maintenance -free and maintaining a lot of rotation performance for normal use.

In addition, aluminum lumps are luxuriously cut out, and it is a high -precision and polite finish product.

If you do not use a dedicated cog like PHIL, you will not be able to receive a manufacturer's warranty, so it is a good point that you can play with various cogs.

I think the goodness of hand -assembled wheels is that the optimal wheels are assembled according to the application while considering the performance of the hub and rim.

The wheels introduced above are just an example of our mechanic, but if you want to make a wheel? Please contact us if you think.

We will propose the best wheels for customers according to the budget and application.

If you are interested, please feel free to contact us!

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