The chromoly frame handled by DOSNOVENTA!

Good evening. I'm sorry. Cool days continue! Just a ride day! Not too hot and not too cold! It may be the best ride time now. Today we will introduce DOSNOVENTA frames! Among them, I would like to focus on the "chromoly frame". “DOSNOVENTA BARCELONA”
Screenshot 2014-10-01 21.36.30


I think the feature of this frame is "luxury".

It's no exaggeration to say that there was no luxury frame on the fixie bike.

A frame with that impact.

And the lightness of the frame that you can see if you hold it in your hand!

It is lightness that makes you think it's a chromoly frame.


And the design of this paint and chromoly fork.

It has reached the area of ​​art.

The compatibility between this gold glitter and black is irresistible.


Why did you introduce this frame this time!

I wanted to introduce it to those who are worried about the chromoly frame because the Dosnoventa crew comes first! !

This chromoly frame is a lifetime.

It is a wonderful gem that you can ride to your grandchildren if you take care of it.

This Barcelona is a frame that seems to be cool in any era.

And this is the second! !


It's a serial number.

This size "52" is 00007!

Other sizes are one digit of the serial number!

In other words, there is a good number frame! !

Is it just me?

What are you particular about these numbers? 。 。

However, if I can get a frame with the number of 0007, I think it will be nice to be happy.

For that reason, I introduced this Barcelona today.

Introducing the completed bicycle a little!


The thin rim wheels and the deep rim look good.

It is the charm of this frame that looks good in any style!

If you are worried, please contact the store! ! !

And there is a bicycle school this Saturday!

Let's look cool on DOSNOVENTA crew! !



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