Pioneer in perste

Affinity Cycles LOPRO is a frame that has a variety of frames released every year, but is a unique silhouette that gains popularity.

LOPRO is a model called '' parsteute '', a model featuring an aggressive look with the top tube falling forward, and when the model is first released, it gives a great impact.

Later, CINELLI and Cartel Bikes, etc., announced a model inspired by its characteristic silhouettes.

LOPRO of Affinity Cycles, which is a pioneer in such a perste frame, is a frame that we often contact in our shop, so we will introduce the LOPRO frame that is currently available.

First of all, a design that shines the emerald color logo on a deep green with this color.

It is a beautiful color that changes the appearance of the green shade depending on the way of the sun.

Because it is a chromoly frame, the frame itself does the vibration of the road mild, so it looks like an aggressive look and is one of the attractions.

The details of the details are well made.

This color is a gray x gray chic and a timeless design.

If you like no color, this will be. If I write this blog, this is the case, I want to solidify with black parts and finish it as a fighter.

It is also good to give individuality with the color of the custom parts.

LOPRO, which is often released in quite unique coloring, may be the most unique in this model.

The base color looks like a whiteline at a glance, but it looks like a gray close to white named "'18% gray '' '.

It looks a little calm white compared to ordinary white -collar frames from other manufacturers.

And this color goes well with the bright blue logo and is very prominent.

By the way, using LOPRO, the staffSuch a custom bikeWas assembled in front ~

[I will assemble this. LO PRO custom. ]

[Custom to Affinity Lopro in luxury]

[LOPRO for both cats and scoops]

This one is not this year's color, but it was so cool that I introduced it.

LOPRO with a characteristic silhouette, a masterpiece that probably has its own position as an iconic entity.

LOPRO is a frame set price / $ 89,000- (+tax).

Since it will be a model for frame set sales, there is no sale as a completed car that can be imported suddenly, but you can choose your favorite parts and order your own. Of course, you can purchase only frames.

Please feel free to contact our shop, such as those who want to order your own or are considering purchasing.

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