Have you ever rode a titanium frame?

There is only one bike in the world next to the Blot. No.22 "Silver Wing" Did you know the brand that produces a handmade titanium frame called No.22? I haven't seen much in Japan yet, but it is a brand that has been awarded every year at the American handmade bicycle exhibition (NAHBS). And it is also the highest quality motorcycle that can be sold at BROTURES.
This is a frame using titanium and carbon tubes produced by the owner for the above NAHBS. It is a rare one that has not yet reached the lineup. You don't see much titanium frames, right? The mainstream bicycle frame material is aluminum, chromoly, and carbon. There may not be many people who can actually imagine the riding comfort by actually using titanium frames. Lighter than iron, flexible than aluminum, no corrosion (rust), it is hard to adhere dirt, and frame cleaning is easy. In short, "Titanium is a living thing" It is said that no material is suitable for bicycle materials as titanium. In addition to the comfort of forgetting to be on a metal frame, it also has high rigidity, It never rusts or corroses, and is very durable for the wounds associated with daily wear and tears.
Why is it such a minor material even though it's such a good thing? it's simple. Because it is so expensive. Titanium is a very active material, so it takes time and effort to process welding and it becomes expensive. Moreover, it is one of the reasons why the number of distribution is limited because it cannot be handled unless it is a good builder. Still, I'm very happy if you can order one valuable one. I want a bicycle to be riding a bicycle, but a bicycle really likes fixes.
No.22 "Little Wing" In fact, my store manager Adatch is one of the users. I got it on it, but it was super good. 。 If the timing is good, you can test drive, so please feel free to tell us. I don't think there is a chance to ride such a frame. We also accept consultations, e -mails, and telephone calls, so please come. TOSHI BROTURES YOKOHAMA 73-2 Yamashita-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa 045-877-0974 yokohama@brotures.com 12:00~20:00
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