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Hello. The coldest February of the year is already imminent, and if you don't wear gloves while commuting today, your fingertips will be so cool and painful ...

Although it is a cloudy sky in such a weather, I finished a custom of the presence of the presence in the cloudy sky even in the cloudy sky.

Leader Bikes 735TR Limited Edition

SHRED60 Custom (M Size)

CompreTe / Outlet Price ¥ 310,000- (+Tax)

As a high -end model of Leader Bikes, 735TR declares the fastest street.

The sharp and aggressive frame shape that is so boldly created to be seen is the greatest attraction with the overwhelming power that does not reach others.

The answer that Leader Bike arrived, as a result of how fast and cool the street was pursued. There is no doubt that the city will attract attention. This frame, which is thicker and lighter than any of the lineup of the lineup, is made thinner than 725TR.

In addition, the rear short stay was slightly shorter, and when the 23C tires were set up, the rear tire clearance was designed to be perfect.

Although it is a very popular Limited color after the release, Kichijoji store currently has this orange M size.

It is an outstanding 735TR even in the normal state, but if you customize it a little, it will increase its appeal.

In this custom, I changed only the parts that would greatly change the looks, while retaining the goodness of the normal state, and finished it with a cool custom bike at a normal completed car price of about 120,000 yen.

After all, wheels will be the most affected of the bicycle appearance.

However, it is a part that directly affects driving performance, so of course you should not sacrifice performance.

The wheel I chose this time is the original wheel SHRED60 of BROTURES.

In terms of popularity and impact, SHRED88 is larger, but the rim hat 80mm is too thick to bring all the wheels, right? There should be many people who think, I am one of them.

So I personally installed my favorite SHRED60.

The exquisite height, which is not too low or too high, while finished with a solid look, but not too low, is a good size that does not claim too much even if it is attached to a thick aluminum frame like this 735 or a slender chromoly bike. I think it's a feeling.

It is still the handle that greatly affects the appearance and riding ease of riding.

A wide low riser bar that makes the attack that can be attacked while gaining a solid sense of stability is a recent trend.

The popular riser is NITTO, but I want more lightness! But the price is low! The handle that fulfills the selfishness is the carbon rizer of this TNI.

The low -rise and a wide feeling that is not too long is practical.

Because it is made of carbon, it is not only lightweight, but also reduces the burden on the wrist by mild the vibration of the road surface.

TNI may be a brand that is not familiar in BROTURES, but it is a nice point that it provides OEM parts to major brands, and the quality is perfect and the price is modest at Taiwanese manufacturers.

The saddle is ASPIDE of SELLE SAN Marco, which arrived used in our shop.

It is a popular racing saddle with a lightweight, moderate cushion feeling and a thin and attacked look.

The genuine saddle is easy to sit and it is good, but after all it is a point that is quite noticeable, so I want to stick to it.

The saddle is the highest part of the bicycle, so it is shaken left and right like a pendulum when dancing by rowing.

Therefore, by making the saddle lighter, the reciprocation of the pendulum is faster, enabling more fluttering acceleration.

So if you are thinking of a saddle custom and get a pretty pounding type, we recommend that you choose a lightweight saddle!

The popular 735TR, the limited color, has been changed not only in color but also to the design of the logo decal, making it a more American design.

Matt black and pearl white are the most popular, but the orange is very vivid and cool in the city.

If you want it because the quantity is limited, please come as soon as possible!

Please feel free to contact us.

Then we are waiting at the store today.

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