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In the current bicycle industry, most of the wheels are pistes, roads, MTBs, and almost all genres of wheels.

Factory -produced complete wheels, such as assembly, have become the mainstream of the recent market because they can provide users with high accuracy, including spoke tension management, and have no uneven quality.

However, the complete wheels will be compromised somewhere for the use of wheels, the choice of parts, and design of the parts after the production manufacturers are determined by the production manufacturer. To put it in a rough way, there may be no good wheels that users are completely satisfied ... but for example, even if you are satisfied with the performance, the design is not good or vice versa. Somehow I'm writhing.

So it is an option of hand -assembled wheels.

You can decide the choice of parts according to your purpose, and you can finish your favorite riding and appearance depending on the spoke tension, how to assemble, and the number of spokes. I think that the appeal of hand -assembled wheels will be outstanding only because the complete wheels are the mainstream.

By the way, it is the main subject, but for that reason, BROTURES actively proposes hand -assembled wheels to customers, but after all it is decided that it is a popular part.

For example, a hub that is a rotating axis that determines the driving performance of the wheel.

The Dura-Ace of NJS with high rotation performance, the basic maintenance-free, sturdy and long-lasting PHILWOOD and PAUL are the best, but the brand that you can't forget to recommend is' Mack ''.

This brand, which is unfamiliar in Japan, and the staff, also learned of the existence of our staff after joining BROTURES.

It is a product of Poland, a small country in East Europe, which is neither high -quality Japan nor our favorite America.

Poland, located in Central and Eastern Europe, is a popular country for the bicycle industry. MACK is producing handmade parts in Poland.

The goodness of this product is the lightness as the name of the product name 'SUPER LIGHT' '.

As shown in the photo, it is a large flange hub, but its weight is about 250 grams and lightweight comparable to an aluminum small flange hub.

Still, the rotational performance of the bearing is very smooth, and the making is delicate.

It is a gem that seems to be able to enjoy a pleasant run as you see.

Such a MACK hub collaborates with us, and the Brotures and logo are printed as shown in the above photo.

The alkan shell color on the hub seems to be an accent of your car, which is good.

It is easy to see the products of famous manufacturers, but there are many small souls with souls where craftsmen make hand -made parts handmade, and MACK is one brand.

And I tried to assemble a complete wheel using such a MACK hub at Kichijoji. ↓


PRICE / ¥ 75,000- (+tax)

In order to take advantage of the light weight and rotation of the hub of MACK SUPER LIGHT, the Belgium of Hed. With a lightweight and high -precision lace specification is combined.

The wheels that are sure to be used in good condition on the street and the race have been completed.

HED. Is a brand that mainly focuses on bicycle wheel production in our favorite in the United States, far from MACK's country of origin Poland, introduced above.

At first, it was a small brand that made wheels using its own air -gorgeous theory in one corner of the garage at home, but it is now a major manufacturer used in races around the world.

The masterpiece HED.3 Carbon Baton Wheel released by the company has gained a high support for competitors such as triathlons, as well as the pistol rider of our main battlefield, as well as the good driving performance and the impact of the appearance. I did it.

The Belgium that such a head released a few years ago is a lightweight rim made of aluminum.

The name Belgium is made in the United States (laughs)

Although the name of Belgium is a country with many cobblestone roads, the road surface is rugged and the Belgian classic race is like a gravel. The wheels require strength.

It is a very sturdy rim that can boldly run through Belgian cobblestones, and is a popular rim among cyclocross users.

The accuracy, lightweight, and durability are high -dimensional and balanced rims, and it is a rim that the pisto rider who runs through the gorigori street should use it at least once.

It is a wonderful product that has a different country and name recognition, but the hub and rim are the passion of the creator.

The price is a little more expensive, such as those who want to change from the genuine wheels, those who want to change from the genuine wheels, or want to review the performance of the driving. How about seeing it?

If you do not know what kind of choice you should do, we will propose a combination that matches it if you can consult about your budget and application.

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