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Hello! ! It is a mechanic YOSHIE! ! I bought it for me today, so I bought it, I would like to introduce the best 3 parts that were good to use! ! First here is here! !
Nitto for Shred Bar φ25.4mm SIL ¥ 7,200 (+Tax) My worries as a bicycle race frame user are that the lineup of the handle is small anyway. The 25.4 -diameter handle is an old standard compared to the mainstream oversize (31.8). It was almost Nitto for Shred Bar when it was low -rise and wide. Honestly, everyone uses it and it looks like Meha I was hesitant, but I was convinced to use it! ! This is everyone! ! It was like that. Exquisite rizances and the width are just right, so you can ride in a comfortable posture. It's a good design that can get a good speed. The same bicycle race frame users as me, and on the contrary, there are too many laser options I don't know what to choose. It's like using this for the time being! ! Let's go next! !
SRAM OMNIUM CRANKSET ¥ 31,400 (+tax) Omnium !! To be honest, it looks like a strike. Personally, I think it's the coolest in the crank! ! I like the mechanical feeling that is unique to US. I also use Sugino75 depending on my mood, After all, I feel that OMNIUM is more rigid. I think it is a masterpiece where you can experience how to convey the power unique to DD crank! ! This price range is very reasonable with a BB chain ring, I would like to recommend it to those who are lost in crank custom! ! There are rumors about discontinued, and those who are lost are buying. That's the last! !
Fabric Scoop Race Shallow ¥ 13,000 (+Tax) It's really difficult to choose a saddle. In my case, the tail bones hurt and most saddles fit, Fabric Scoop Race Shallow was fine. There aren't many pads, but the saddle itself becomes bigger. It fits gently on my selfish ass. I think it will match various bicycles without any appearance and flashy logo. It should definitely fit people who are painful around the tail bones as me. If you live in the saddle swamp, please try it! !
Thank you for your relationship until the end! ! Whether there is a person who is interested in my personal taste It's a very suspicious place, but the parts are recommended by Majimon. If you are interested, please use it. See you soon! ! YOSHIE

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