Champ is terrible!

Speaking of which, it was a car license renewal soon.
I would like to remind me by the end of this month because it seems to forget it.

Good evening!
It is Miya who does not know where to go because it is the first license renewal in Tokyo.

By the way, that is the reminder of the reservation of a certain car body this time.
that is

How I Roll "CHAMP" COMPLETE BIKE ¥ 77,000 (+tax)


CHAMP with a slender and traditional impression
From the affordable price range to the beginner entry model
Even as a second bike like an expert who has been riding in various ways
It is a popular body from a wide range of people, regardless of age.

Since last fall model sold out
It is currently the reservation period
Due to the influence of Corona, the delivery date is also delayed,
For now, we are expecting to arrive in July.

Don't think, "July? It's still far ahead, and if you make a reservation anyway, you'll get a little lost."
There is already a color/size of "reservations sold out".

So below, with the color lineup of this term model,
Please refer to the latest reservation status, so please refer to it.

Metallic Gray

First of all, the gray is stationary from the model last year.

In the near price rangeLocal Bike Metro It is darker gray than "graphite"
An atmosphere with a calm item.

Still, there are many silver parts, so
The bright color custom is an almighty guy who is addicted to black and monotone custom.
Perhaps the golden size will be sweeped immediately this time.

This reservation status was the most popular last year
XSSIZE (C-T500mm) → △ (only a few)
SSIZE (C-T520mm) → △ (only a few)
Msize (C-T540mm) → △ (only a few)
LSIZE (C-T560mm) → × (reservation sold out)

It is.


It's a new color from here!

A crisp and fresh color will take your eyes.

It's pink, so of course it's definitely cute even if girls get on,
It is also recommended for men who want to go to a slightly unique route.

Custom with silver if you assemble softly, black parts for tightening.
It is a feeling.

This pink, which seems to change greatly depending on the rider

Xssize (C-T500mm) → × (reserved sold out)
SSIZE (C-T520mm) → △ (only a few)
Msize (C-T540mm) → △ (only a few)
LSIZE (C-T560mm) → × (reservation sold out)

It is.

Metallic Aqua

It is the end.
One of the new colors is "Metallic Aqua"

An exquisite color like light green, like light blue, is intriguing.
This is also outstanding atmosphere.

Although it is not a flashy color, the presence that claims firmly.

This situation with a classical impression is the same as pink

Xssize (C-T500mm) → × (reserved sold out)
SSIZE (C-T520mm) → △ (only a few)
Msize (C-T540mm) → △ (only a few)
LSIZE (C-T560mm) → × (reservation sold out)

It is.

Speaking of CHAMP, it is a "NJS frame" used in the "bicycle race" of Japan.
The body is attractive with an inspired classic and universal design.
Trackdrop to thread stem (NJS)
Other small parts composed of silver thoroughly.

At the time of the completed car
The body is highly complete even if you do not modify it anymore.

However, if you are concerned about running, it is highly recommended to customize the crank and wheels.
If you arrange it a little, you will be more attached to it.
Indeed, "one of your own".

"CHAMP custom"

For example, if you give a little street feeling of the past, how about such a custom?
A classical thin chube and a 5 -baton carbon wheel.
The fusion of low -tech and high -tech is cool and cool.
With a custom that can run hard without thinking about extra things, let's make a difference with the surroundings.

"Incorporate a piste bike on a daily basis"

Or, if you want to specialize slowly, this custom is good.

If you use a promenade handlebar that returns firmly,
Horizontal and refreshing bicycle
Achieves a comfortable ride just like a mamachari.
It is a stylish city bike that does not stretch your shoulders and elbows.

What do you think.

The stock status introduced with the color lineup is today
It will be as of April 11 (Sun).

Probably because there are more reservations on this weekend, so
If you are inadvertent, you will be selling all the reservations.

If you are a little worried, please make a reservation at the Kichijoji store.

Please feel free to contact us for questions and requests, such as the size that suits you!


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Weekdays/12:00~18:00 (no regular holidays) Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays/10:00~18:00