Reason for recommending F-rim.

Speaking of bicycle flowers, wheels.
It is a part that is greatly linked to the ride comfort and looks, so you will want to stick to it.

Among them, hand -set wheels are often requested.
The rim, nipple, spokes, and hubs that make up the wheels can be finished into one of your ideal combinations.
It can respond more flexibly than the existing manufacturer's complete group wheels, and the degree of freedom is ∞.

Especially, I think everyone is troubled by choosing a rim and hub selection, but this time it is a recommended rim.

It's been three years since this F RIM was released early.
It is a Brotures original carbon rim that is known to those who know it, but thankfully it often penetrates little by little and it is often nominated by customers.

Speaking of the charm of this rim, it is lightweight, and it is firmly rigid, and the trends such as wide rims are firmly reduced.
Not only, the order is very flexible. This is the point.

Normally, there are two types of 55mm height F55 and 35mm height F35, each with 20h and 24h variations.
However, if you can have time, you can make it with your favorite height between 88mm and 25mm, and the number of holes is free.
Clinchers and tubulars, as well as tubeless, can be used.

I want to assemble carbon wheels with this hub, but the corresponding rim is hard to sell.
It's a common story.
In fact, my staff was worried about it and I ended up making this rim.


Such F RIM has been restocked after a long time.
This time, in addition to the normal lineup, we have prepared 32H with high versatility.
20h and 24h truck hubs are too few options.
Now you can replace only the rim of your wheel.

And the F25, which I (TOSHI), Mizutani and Junki, have ordered the F25 without permission.
F rim is the thinnest 25mm height and weighs about 360g.
The impression that I touched is more solid than I thought.

From left F55: F35: F25

The hub options are quite wide.
For example, a vintage-like with Dura-Ace and carbon rim.
It's a very difficult combination with the current product.

BROTURES F-25 RIM x Dura-Ace Custom Wheel
~ Blow's side is Barsa ~

The combination with the hub of Paul was good in what I recently ordered.
If you assemble with tough hubs and carbon rims on Made in USA, it is difficult to find a weakness.


And recently, I often nominated MACK hubs with F-RIM.
It is a handmade brand in Polish, but still minor in Japan.
But the performance is endorsed. It is a very lightweight, light and excellent hub.
The wheels introduced the other day are also a combination of MACK and F35.

BROTURES F-35 RIM × MACK Look France Hub Custom Wheel
~ Dosnoventa optimized for streets. ~

This MACK has a high degree of freedom only for handmade.
You can choose not only the color, but also the number of holes from the flange type such as high flang, rochillage, and meat removal.
This wheel, which I ordered earlier, was designated as 24h with red in red.

Both F-RIM and MACK HUB may have stock, but basically made-to-order.
We regularly receive orders, and you can order anytime if you can afford the delivery date.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any concerns.

Also, if you are interested in hand-gathered wheels, even if you are not F-RIM, please feel free to contact us.
I will suggest if you can tell me even the rough image.
If you are specifically determined, please use the following order form.


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